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    35 Emergency Items You Should Buy Every Month

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    35 Emergency Items You Should Buy Every Month

    Prepping to survive an apocalypse is something that is becoming more important with each passing day. You may have already stocked up on some of the big things. Maybe you even think you have enough in your stockpile to survive a year. That’s often the goal of most preppers.

    But why stop there? Why force yourself to ration when you don’t really need to? Stuff that is cheap today may not be around after a collapse. Things that you take for granted.

    Stocking up on things that are going to last for decades when stored correctly is just smart. Never stop preparing for disaster. If you have an abundance of one thing, it becomes your currency. Use it to trade for something you might not have.

    Bartering will be the way of the future if there is an economic collapse. Do you really want to trade a piece of silver for a roll of toilet paper? No. You want to have little things to trade for other little things. 

    The next time you head to the store, or you see one of these things on sale, buy it. Add it to your stockpile because eventually, all that extra stuff is going to be extremely valuable. 

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    1. Toilet Paper

    Does it even need an explanation? No one is going to forget the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020. Lesson learned. 

    2. Trash Bags

    Buy them in bulk if possible. It typically ends up being cheaper. Trash bags will be crucial to keeping your home and surroundings clean. Poor sanitation isn’t just gross; it could be deadly. You need to transport your trash some way.

    Trash bags also serve endless other purposes in survival situations from keeping your feet dry to acting as a wind break. 

    3. Wet Wipes

    Wet wipes can be picked up at the dollar store. You can never have too many. When running water is short, wet wipes can keep things tidy. 

    4. Plastic Cutlery

    Yes, it is wasteful, but again, if you can’t properly wash dishes, having the disposable stuff will be a blessing. This includes paper plates as well. Paper plates can be used and then burned. 

    5. Matches

    These are super cheap, and when fire is your source of heat as well as how you cook, matches are necessary. You can never have too many. 

    6. First Aid

    First aid stuff like bandages, gauze, and antibiotic ointment are inexpensive and easy to store forever. First aid supplies will be extremely valuable. 

    7. Pain Killers

    Pain killers are something we take advantage of now. You’ll want to update your stock to keep it as fresh as possible. For most, even after the expiration date, it will still work. It might not be as potent, but anything will help a splitting headache.

    8. Ammo

    Ammo isn’t exactly cheap, but if you can find a good deal, it’s worth buying. Shortages have taught us all to buy when we can. Invest in proper storage methods to preserve your ammo. 

    9. Hand Sanitizer

    Hand sanitizer is a crucial part to any prepper stockpile. Right now, it’s cheap. Dirt cheap. Buy a lot. It’s a great barter item and it will be crucial when sanitation is a problem. 

    10. Batteries

    Batteries are going to be extremely valuable. Load up on them, even the cheap ones will be useful and will last a while in LED flashlights. Keep them stored in a cold, dark place for extra life. 

    11. Face Masks

    Imagine life after a major disaster. A mask will keep you from breathing in cement dust and other particles in the air. You also have to think of the smells that come with disaster. A mask can’t block it all, but it can help cut down on the smell of rot and death. 

    12. Pepto Bismol

    Pepto Bismol, Tums, and other stomach upset meds. Diarrhea can become a serious issue, causing dehydration as well as taxing a person’s strength.

    With changes in diet, the potential for illness in general, having tummy meds will be crucial to keeping people feeling good enough to do the tasks needed to survive. 

    13. Candles

    Lots of candles. Candles will be a good source of light after a major collapse. 

    14. Water Purification Tablets

    Water purification tablets will be critical. Bleach is a prepper favorite, but it only lasts six months or so. 

    15. Socks

    You absolutely have to protect your feet. Good socks keep your feet warm and dry. Stock them in a few different sizes. 

    16. Feminine Products

    These are going to be extremely valuable after a collapse. Even if you don’t have a lady in the house, buy them anyway. They can also be used for first aid

    17. Nitrile Gloves

    Nitrile gloves should be purchased whenever possible. The price fluctuates. Buy when cheap. These are part of your first aid supply stash but could also be used to handle icky stuff in general.

    Keeping clean is absolutely critical. If you have a cut on your hand, bandage it and then wear a glove to prevent infection.

    18. Coffee Filters

    You can get a hundred or more for very little money. These can be used to filter water, wear inside a face mask as an extra barrier, or used to make some herbal tinctures from plants and flowers you harvest. They can be tinder or used to strain broth. In a pinch, they can even be used as toilet paper

    19. Aluminum Foil

    Aluminum foil has so many uses. This is something you can buy every month to make sure you have plenty for cooking in hot coals, covering your windows or making a solar oven. 

    20. Cordage

    Cordage of any kind is going to be valuable. Rope, string and so on. Buy it all. It doesn’t have to be new. 

    21. Duct Tape

    Duct tape will be a critical tool for survival. There are lists upon lists of the many ways you can use duct tape for survival

    22. Glow Sticks

    Glow sticks are actually pretty handy for survival. Use them as a nightlight for a scared kid. Mark a trail at night or use them to signal to others. You can buy these for a dollar or go big and buy in bulk for a few dollars. 

    23. Zip Ties

    Zip ties are easy to store and have many uses. Buy a pack every month and put them on the shelf. They can be stored between boxes or just about anywhere. Buy a variety of sizes. 

    24. Disposable Razors

    Disposable razors are going to be a high value item simply because people will crave normalcy. Ladies may not want hairy pits and legs. The razors dull quickly so you’ll want plenty to last you for a while. They may also be needed to deal with areas that need stitches.

    25. Toothbrushes

    Again, a cheap item that will be invaluable when dentists are no longer an option. Stockpile them to ensure you can maintain good dental health. 

    26. Color Crayons, Pens, Pencils, and Paper

    Color crayons, pens, pencils, paper, and so on. A great time to buy these things is the back-to-school sales. Journaling for adults can serve as a coping method when times are hard.

    Sending actual letters is going to be the way to communicate as well. And you’ll want to keep the kids busy. Establish a sense of normalcy by continuing to teach kids how to read and write. 

    27. Bug Repellant

    While there are some natural methods, they aren’t always convenient or effective. You’ll want to avoid bug bites to keep your skin healthy and free of bites that can lead to scratching and infection. 

    28. Sunscreen

    Sunscreen is another valuable, potentially lifesaving product you might not think much about these days. But if you’re outside working under the sun, you can’t afford a sunburn. 

    29. Chapstick

    A simple thing that can make a huge difference to your overall wellbeing. With water in scarce supply, dehydration is going to be a constant battle which leads to chapped lips. Working outdoors also leads to chapped lips. Plus, chapstick has many survival uses.

    30. Soap

    Soap is critical to keeping your body clean. It can be used to wash clothes and your living area in general. It doesn’t need to be fancy soap. Just something that will clean. 

    31. Jigsaw Puzzles, Board Games and Crossword Puzzle Books

    Anything that will keep your mind busy. People will go mad without anything to do. The brain needs a break from constantly thinking about survival

    32. Sewing Supplies

    Sewing supplies, yarn, etc. will not only keep your mind and hands busy, but you’ll need to sew clothes and repair what you have. 

    33. Ziploc Bags

    Ziploc bags in a few different sizes. The bags keep things dry, keep bugs out of your food, store medical supplies, and more.

    34. Cotton Swabs

    Cotton swabs are useful for hygiene but especially important if you need to clean your weapons. They can be used as a makeshift toothbrush or for a number of first aid reasons. 

    35. Condoms

    Lastly, condoms. We are all human and there will be a need for condoms. They also have uses in general survival

    These are items you can toss in the cart when you’re buying other stuff for the household. They add a couple dollars to the budget but are invaluable in a survival situation.

    They are inexpensive, but imagine life without Walmart. These are the things that make life a little easier and give you that sense of normalcy you long for. 

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      8 thoughts on “35 Emergency Items You Should Buy Every Month”

      1. You list sunscreen, which goes bad quickly. You do not list diaper rash cream, which will be needed, anyway. Diaper rash cream is primarily zinc oxide, which is also an ideal suncreen. The inexpensive ones at Dollar stores can be bought and zine oxide lasts much longer than purchased sunscreens.

        • Good point on the Zinc oxide!. A pharmacist actually told me about using this instead of diaper rash medication about 50 years ago. And for anyone that does not know about using it for a sunscreen, they should check the labels on the sun screen.

      2. What about safety pins ,need these too. Good article to start me thinking about my daily items needed so to buy more of. Thank you.

      3. Sanitary napkins and other feminine products are super overpriced. If you aren’t buying them in bulk it probably isn’t worth it. I’d start looking at alternatives before the shtf if you need them. Lots of things will do “in a pinch”, but it’s never comfortable. Find what works for you. Something soft and easily washed and reused is best. You can make nicer pads out of diaper material if that’s available and the old sanitary belts are still around. Thankfully I’ve aged out of that particular problem.

      4. Puppy training pads. So many uses. Feminine hygiene, make shift diapers emergency birth and after care. Large wounds and lining a sleeping bag for little ones. Think outside the box.
        Diaper cream is also great for several foot issues


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