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    100 Things You Should Stop Buying and Start Making

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    100 Things You Should Stop Buying and Start Making

    Do you really feel like driving to the store every time you run out of dish soap? And do you really feel like spending $10 on name-brand deodorant that you could make at home for $3? Wake up, people! A self-sufficient lifestyle is so much more rewarding (and inexpensive)!

    Once you know how to make everyday cleaning products and your favorite kitchen condiments, you’ll save yourself tons of trips to the store, reduce your carbon footprint with less plastic waste, save heaps of money, and remove tons of chemicals from your day to day life.

    With more money in your pocket and less reliance on store-bought products, you are free to live the self-sustainable life you’ve always dreamed.

    So, let’s stop buying and start making with these easy tutorials, recipes, and how-to guides! Below you'll find a list of 100 household items you should stop buying and start making. For each one, I included a link to a tutorial where you can learn how to make it. Now on to the list!

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    Health & Beauty

    1. Antiseptic Ointment – When it comes to cuts, scrapes, and scratches, you can avoid infection with by using an antiseptic ointment.

    2. Body Butter – These two simple words combined allow big name brands to slap big price tags on this simple product. Skip the prestige and create your own silky skin body butter for cheap.

    3. Body Scrub – If you’re not already exfoliating as a part of your daily routine, then you are missing out on that gorgeous celebrity glow! Slough off the dead skin to reveal a bright, fresh complexion that never goes out of style.

    4. Body Wash – Lather up in the shower with an organic body wash that will wash off sweat after your workout and nurture your skin in those dry winter months.

    5. Bug Spray – Deet is bad for you. Like really bad for you. But have no fear, here is a natural way to keep bugs away and bites at bay.

    6. Deodorant – Those ingredients in commercial deodorants and anti-perspirants sound scary, but no one wants to stink. Try this homemade recipe to solve both issues.

    7. Lotion – This homemade lotion uses shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, and almond oil, and you can add whatever essential oils you like.

    8. Diaper Rash Cream – Keep that baby bum smooth and free of irritation with a homemade diaper rash cream made. Store in a small jar with an airtight seal for easy access.

    9. Everyday Conditioner – Hair conditioner is one of the most expensive beauty products us women buy. But why, when you can make your own nourishing conditioner at home?

    10. Face Mask – The skin on your face is super thin and thus, super sensitive. Slow the aging process by giving your skin some deep moisturizing treatments with this homemade face mask.

    11. Hair Mask – Reduce split ends, nourish heat-damaged locks, and help your hair grow faster with these DIY hair masks that you can sleep in or simply add into your weekly washing routine.

    12. Hand Sanitizer – If you’ve gone through your 2020-21 stash of this supply, you can replenish with the homemade version. Who knew it was so easy to make?

    13. Hydration fluid – When your little one is sick, dehydration is a big concern. However, you can use this recipe to restore electrolytes.  

    14. Leave-in Conditioner – Keep your tresses shiny and smooth all day long with a quick spray of water, coconut milk, and whichever essential oils brighten your day.

    15. Lip BalmProtect against chapped lips and cracked creases with this easy to make DIY lip balm recipe!

    16. Lipstick – Seriously! You can make your own moisturizing lipstick using spices from your kitchen to create gorgeous, vibrant color.

    17. Makeup – Whether you have sensitive skin or just prefer to use all-natural ingredients as part of your beauty routine, you may want to consider DIY eye shadow and other makeup.

    18. Makeup Brush Cleaner – Makeup Brush cleaner runs for $7-$10 in the store. But why?! It’s such a simple concoction made with household ingredients.

    19. Mouthwash – Here is a mouthwash that kills bacteria and freshens your breath with household ingredients. Involve your kids in the process to promote healthy habits!

    20. Perfume & Cologne – Ladies and Gentlemen: Those $100 bottles of fragrance you buy at the department store are nothing more than a combination of essential oils and binders. Make your own dream fragrance for a fraction of the price!

    21. Scented Bath Bombs – There’s this store in the mall where they sell bath bombs for around $8 each. What a rip off! For $8, you can make a dozen bath bombs that smell and feel just as amazing.

    22. Shampoo – While you can make your own DIY shampoo that lathers and foams, consider trying the No Poo Method. Simply replace your shampoo & conditioning routine with baking soda and apple cider vinegar for amazing results.

    23. Shaving Cream – Eliminate razor burn and save some money with this DIY shaving cream that will leave your legs feeling silky smooth.

    24. Skin-Nourishing Body Soap – Amazing for allergy-prone or sensitive skin, homemade luxury soap will help you avoid chemical reactions while leaving you supple and soft.

    25. Sunscreen – Although many sites claim that carrot seed oil and red raspberry oils have an SPF of 25-50, it turns out this is a myth. However, you can make a halfway decent sunscreen from diaper rash cream, coconut oil, cocoa butter, aloe vera gel, almond oil, and beeswax.

    26. Toothpaste – Toothpaste is quite simple to make. However, when you’re feeling ambitious, you can formulate teeth whitening variations with coconut oil and breath-freshening variations with herbs.

    27. Wrinkle Cream – Honey, eggs, sour cream… No, we’re not making Super Bowl appetizers; we’re making wrinkle cream that can smooth out those laugh lines with a simple combination of organic ingredients.

    Household Cleaners & Necessities

    28. All-Purpose Cleaner – Countertops, muddy shoes, sticky spills–they can all be cleaned up with this homemade pet-safe cleaner on hand. No chemicals here!

    29. Carpet Cleaner – Kids tracking mud in the house, pets having accidents, and the occasional tipsy red wine spill can all be remedied when you have a DIY carpet cleaner on hand.

    30. Cloth Napkins – While you’re at it, ditch the paper napkins too. It’s incredibly easy to make (and reuse) your own cloth napkins.

    31. Dish Soap – Big families run through their supply of dish soap like nobody’s business. Save your pennies by creating a way cheaper version that cleans just as well for a fraction of the price.

    32. Dishwasher Detergent – Have you noticed the price of those dishwasher tablets lately? We love the citrusy scent of this homemade version.

    33. Dust Cloths – Keep the house looking tidy, smelling bright, and free of allergy-causing dust and dandruff with these homemade dusting cloths.

    34. Floor Cleaner – When you’ve got kids and pets, your floors can get super dirty – like all the time. The good news is you can skip the store-bought prices by making your own floor cleaner solution.

    35. Oven Cleaner – Do you put off cleaning your oven because of the toxic fumes? Here’s an easy way to get the job done.

    36. Reusable Swiffer Sweepers – Do you have a Swiffer Sweeper? They’re amazing for cleaning dog hair and crumbs off of tile, linoleum, and hardwood, but the throw-away pads are expensive! Just make your own.

    37. Silver Polish – Odds are, you don’t actually need to buy new silverware and those old picture frames are totally salvageable. Take a little DIY silver polish to them for a ‘good as new’ luster.

    38. Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Drop one of these little fizzy toilet balls into the toilet bowl and let it go to work removing stains and odors without you having to lift a finger.

    39. Un-Paper Towels – Are you ready to kick the wasteful and expensive paper towel habit? This homemade version will give you the resourceful boost you need.

    40. Window Cleaner – Windex is over-rated and over-priced. Get yourself a spray bottle and start making your own window cleaner that leaves no streaks or residue behind.

    41. Wood Polish – Citrus wood polish not only keeps your furniture and floors looking shiny and smelling clean but also helps fend off bugs and rotting fungus.

    Shoes & Clothing

    42. Boot Socks – You can still be fashionable on the homestead! Cute and cozy boot socks are so simple to make with recycled sock material.

    43. Fabric/furniture deodorizer spray – Your pets, your kids, and even your spouse can make your home smell, well, a bit funky. Take a tip from theater costumers and make your own fabric refresher spritz.

    44. Laundry Detergent – What happens when you mix a tub of OxyClean, some essential oils, and a few home ingredients? You get a long-lasting supply of fresh, effective, and low-budget laundry detergent.

    45. Leather and Shoe Polish – When you do invest in high-quality products, you want to make them last. Shine and protect your leather products with an easy-to-make polish.

    46. Reusable Dryer Sheets – Genius! You can make your own dryer sheets at home with just a couple drops of (you guessed it) essential oils mixed with vinegar.

    47. Shoe Deodorizing Spray – After a wet winter or a sweaty summer, you might be tempted to toss out your smelly shoes. Instead, keep them fresh all year round with this simple essential oil spray.

    48. Stain Remover – Kids are messy. We know this. Always have a stain remover on hand to quickly lift those heavy stains and you’ll save tons of money on new clothes.

    Food & Condiments

    49. Apple Cider Vinegar – Did you know you can make versatile apple cider vinegar from your leftover apple scraps?

    50. Bread – There are so many ways you can make homemade bread. But they all taste better then store-bought versions. And you can’t beat how they make your home smell!

    51. Bread crumbs and croutons – Got stale or leftover bread? Then you can make homemade bread crumbs and croutons for your toppings and breadings.

    52. Brown sugar – Ditto for brown sugar. It’s simply white sugar and molasses!

    53. Buffalo Sauce – Create your dream buffalo sauce with homemade ingredients that allow you to customize how zingy, tangy, or spicy you like it.

    54. Chocolate-hazelnut spread – You can make a healthier version of the classic spread you know under the Nutella brand. (It still tastes great!)

    55. Flour tortillas – You won’t go back to store-bought tortillas after you’ve tried making your own. Easy and tasty!

    56. Graham Crackers – They can be part of a delicious pie crust or eaten as a tasty snack. Either way, you can’t beat the nostalgic taste of homemade graham crackers. 

    57. Granola Bars – These healthy snacks are actually really simple to make, and you'll avoid filling your family with preservatives and unnecessary sugar.

    58. Guacamole – You can make your guac simple or fancy. But however you make it, it’ll taste so much better than the prepared versions you can buy at the supermarket.

    59. Herbs – Growing your own herbs is easy and enjoyable . All you need is a sunny windowsill and some seeds or starter plants of your favorites. You’ll be on your way to better tasting recipes in no time.

    60. Hot Sauce – Here is an opportunity to save money and to make money! If your hot sauce creations are tasty enough, bottle them and sell them on ETSY!

    61. Hummus – Clean eating starts with clean ingredients. Get a balance of nutrition and flavor with easy-to-make homemade hummus.

    62. Ice Cream – Start copying your favorite Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream flavors at home. Once you know how to make the base of an ice cream, you can get as creative as your taste buds please.

    63. Instant oatmeal – When you’re pressed for time in the morning but don’t want to lose sight of your budget or your family’s nutrition, homemade instant oatmeal can be the way to go.

    64. Jam – You may have a friend who goes all out with canning preserves, but did you know you can make an easy homemade jam without pectin? All you need is fresh fruit and a few other ingredients.

    65. Mayonnaise – Skip the store-bought jar. Eggs, mustard, vinegar, and oil are just about all you need to make your own mayo.

    66. Mozzarella Cheese – It was time to start a new hobby anyway, right? Take a look in the mirror and say hello to your new resident cheese maker.

    67. Nut Butter – Many nut butters contain unwanted additives. When you make your own, the ingredient list is pretty short – and healthy. 

    68. Pasta – Homemade pasta is surprisingly easy and simple to make. Plus, it’s satisfying and delicious!

    69. Pickles – What homesteader doesn’t love pickles?! You can pickle tons of veggies in your garden, especially cucumbers.

    70. Pizza – Frozen pizza can be quick, but the inexpensive versions can taste like cardboard. When you have the basic ingredients on hand, making your own is so worth it.

    71. Powdered sugar – You don’t need to buy a bag of powdered sugar (also called confectioner’s sugar) for your baking recipes. You can make it yourself.

    72. Ranch Dressing – All things are possible with an herb garden, even homemade ranch dressing. Get ready for the creamiest, most satisfying Ranch Dressing you’ve ever had.

    73. Ricotta Cheese – Does your family love lasagna? Then you should learn how to make homemade ricotta cheese. 

    74. Roasted Peppers – As pizza toppings, in pasta sauce, or on a charcuterie board, roasted red peppers can make a tasty splash. However, the store-bought versions often contain preservatives and a high price tag. It’s easy to roast your own.

    75. Salad Dressing – Zesty Tahini, Cilantro Lime, Balsamic Vinegar…need I say more? These homemade salad dressings are so simple, so cheap, and so healthy!

    76. Salsa – What is taco night without salsa? Start with some tomatoes and grab some herbs from your garden for gourmet salsa.

    77. Spaghetti Sauce – Utilize your garden and canning skills by making tons of pasta sauce that you can use on more than just noodles! Use as a dip for zucchini bites, in your chili recipe, or as a marinara on pizza!

    78. Spice Mixes – Those spice blends you see in the grocery store are tempting.  However, you can make your own in a snap with bulk spices and a little know-how. 

    79. Stock/Broth – It’s the ultimate recycling. Use your vegetable scraps to make homemade stock for soups and sauces.

    80. Syrup – If your family loves pancakes and waffles, you’ll want to check out this easy maple syrup recipe.

    81. Taco Seasoning – This Taco Seasoning recipe will have you wondering why ever bought pre-mixed taco seasoning in the first place.

    Pets & Animals

    82. Cat Food – Cats can be picky! But this DIY cat food recipe is a hit with the felines and much healthier than store-bought cat food.

    83. Cat Toys – Recycle cardboard, strings, and old fabric to create cat toys that will keep both your and your feline entertained.

    84. Chicken Feed – Depending on how many chickens or ducks you’ve got in the coop, you can supplement or totally replace their feed by farming your own bugs!

    85. Dog Food – Homesteaders who live off the land often find themselves with an excess of produce. Don’t let all that nutrition go to waste! Instead, try making organic dog food.

    86. Dog Toys – Have some old t-shirts or rags lying around? Give them a good wash and then follow this DIY toy tutorial to make some puppy toys that won’t devastate you when they’re eventually ripped to shreds.

    87. Dog Treats – Once I started making these coconut oil dog treats for my 4-legged family member, his coat became so shiny and healthy with less shedding.

    88. Puppy Sweaters – Pet parents that live in cold climates like to keep their animals nice and snug with some extra insulation. Reuse some old t-shirts for cute and cozy pet sweaters.

    Fun Stuff for Home & Play

    89. Candles – Homemade beeswax candles can make your home more cozy, and they make great gifts.

    90. Festive Holiday Décor – You can be frugal and festive at the same time! Make your house a home with DIY holiday décor made from upcycled materials.

    91. Greeting Cards – Homemade greeting cards are a great way to show how much you care about someone. If you need some fresh ideas, check out this video.

    92. House Rugs – A rug for the kids’ bathroom, a rug for the kitchen, a rug for the foyer…when you hand-make your own rag rug, you can customize the colors and the size to fit any space.

    93. Kids ToysSock Puppets, race cars, and toy guns are all items that your kids will eventually outgrow, so what’s the point in spending $20 a pop? Instead, upcycle materials around the house to entertain the troops.

    94. Playdough – Kids got the rainy day blues? Create some fun with homemade play dough. You probably have the ingredients in your pantry already.

    95. Slime – For more gooey fun, let your kids have a go at slime making. It only takes a few minutes to make, but they’ll find ways to play with it for hours.

    96. Wrapping Paper – Another way to spruce up someone’s gift is with handmade wrapping paper. Let your creativity flow as you repurpose and recycle.


    97. Car de-ice spray – Forget the scraping next winter. You can melt snow and ice from car windows, door knobs, and locks with this handy homemade spray.

    98. Compost – Vegetable and fruit waste, teabags, coffee grounds. grass cuttings, fallen leaves, egg shells. You’ve already got the ingredients for compost for your garden on hand. 

    99. Seedling pots – You don’t need to buy special pots to start your seedlings. Egg shells, toilet paper rolls, and newspaper are just a few of the biodegradable options.

    100. Weed killer – Pulling weeds out by hand is the safest way to go. But if you need something stronger that you can make with ingredients from your pantry, this solution is an option.

    As you may have noticed, the majority of these DIY recipes and projects require many of the same staple ingredients like essential oils, coconut oil, vinegar, old t-shirts, cardboard, and so on. 

    Buy those staple ingredients in bulk and save upcycle-friendly materials that you can repurpose later. This will save you an insane amount of time and money in the long run.

    Your biggest problem now? Figuring out what to do with all that extra cash left over at the end of the month.

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      31 thoughts on “100 Things You Should Stop Buying and Start Making”

      1. All you have to do is click through to each article. Click on the links (the name of the product, such as, Homemade Wrinkle Cream) and you will go directly to the “recipe”. I absolutely love this and am so happy to have found it! I am considering quitting my job to start blogging full time. And until I can replace my income saving money by making my own products sounds awesome! I hope you come up with even more products soon!

        • Where is the cat food recipes you don’t have to drive to get this just selling can catfood what a RIP off you should be in trouble for. Lying!!!

      2. Why out anything on Pinterest if you only do it for the money. Or the affiliate ads. I personally do not click on them so you lost dollars on me. Also don’t want to pay for what others are giving for free. You just wasted my time.

        • You’re perusing Pinterest, man. How sacred could your time be? Lol maybe take a sec to figure out the post before leaving an irate comment? Hmmm?

        • Dude Really?…Quote:
          “Why out anything on Pinterest if you only do it for the money. Or the affiliate ads. I personally do not click on them so you lost dollars on me. Also don’t want to pay for what others are giving for free. You just wasted my time.”

          …As if the time you spend futzing around on the Internet has a dollar figure value or some critical value to life! I like what they did here, I found the post very interesting & helpful!

          All Hail J.ANDERSON who’s time is worth more than anything, big spender of Internet dollars!… better not waste their time again or you will lose dollars on their time again!! They are probably a Trump supporter anyway. What a jerk!

          • Yeah!!! Brilliant!!! Make everything political. That’s why the country is in the shape it’s in. Try working together for the common good instead of dedicating your efforts to destroying a political party.

            • Good for you. Some of us Trump supporters are very frugal and are more than willing to share what we know with others. I appreciate it this blog very much

        • Hey, stay off the site, man. You don’t have any interest in these tips? Then get lost, we don’t give a crap about your comments.

      3. So helpful to have all these links in one place! I have found many of my own versions of these DIY’s due to an organic wellness lifestyle, but it took months of research to find the best ones! I’m just so happy you shared all of your trial and errors with us! Thank you so much! Love this inspiring blog!

      4. I guess some people don’t know how these blogs and such work so they biath about the persons blog oh and all the advertisements. No one needs to click on them and if a person wants the info touch the letters that are blue. And I thought when I started on Pinterest I didn’t know what I was doing boy I’m mistaken. Thanks for some knew ideas , I have been making a lot of different things but now can try more.

        • Armageddon? Seriously you need to get real – if you are that concerned then you need to read different articles on Pinterest Gayle 🙁 It’s a shame you feel the need to be so rude!


        • OK – I get the ratio falls off twitter sometimes.

          I’ve been in disaster zones. Whether they need it or not, people want things to brighten their day, if only for a moment – so there is no point in your post based on thin air. And in a real disaster, you get cut up, scratched and deal with all sorts of things – you will be grateful for at least that hand cream. And when you’ve been a month bathing in a creek, IF you are lucky enough to find one – your companions will be grateful for the perfume.

          If that is the worst thing you have to complain about, you should be thankful you have such a successful life.

      5. Thanks for putting all these together in one place. Ignore the naysayers, I strongly think it is important to know how to do these basic things. In harder times, these can be helpfull and in good times, you can save money for things you really want or need.

      6. I loved your blog I’m new to this and love to save money so thank you very much. I like the idea that I know what’s in the products my family are using and I can pronounce all the words. will be looking for more from you .

      7. This is great even just for a family who is trying to go organic and get away from all the poisonous chemicals today.Thank you for taking the time to put all of this into one article, it will save me from Googling it all on my own.

        xoxo Kay

      8. Never, never, never use carrot oil as sun screen. This is extremely dangerous. Posts that claims it has a FPS of 38-40 are just spreading a false information based on a misinterpretation. It will burn your skin more than anything.

        Here is a article that explain very well why it is a myth :


        Would you consider taking off this tip so no one get hurt ?

        Otherwise, great article ! Thank you ! 🙂

      9. Hi the links I’ve looked at so far are good the only thing I’d like to point out is don’t use baking soda to wash your hair regularly as it REALLY damages your hair – great in short term but long term big hair loss and damage – lots of articles about this if you want to look it up – otherwise useful to have all this info in one place thank you!

        • I enjoy going through different articles and I usually find something new and like to try my hand at making. On the “, homestead sites or frugal living sites” I find people who has made a decision to live a certain type of life and they’re offering to others information. Now when I read this post and read some of the comments I was blown away, please tell me how someone can get “,Trump” from the post? I thought I’d seen everything there was out there for someone to blame Trump, I WAS WRONG. To that person, you might want to consider talking to someone. The other about Armageddon, you have nothing to worry about, if you’re a believer in Christ you should be fine. But if you do want to save and create a stock pile of items, the ones who are left behind will be thankful if the find it. To the person who took the time to sit down and put the information they have, so it could help or save a life. Thank you so much. Starla Wright

      10. Thank you for sharing all the great info/ideas. I truly appreciate it. Never understand why folks feel the need to leave a negative comment rather than moving on to something that interests them.

      11. The ingredients for the sunscreen add up to:

        Desitin Diaper Rash Cream Tube – $4.99
        Coconut Oil 16oz. – $9.99
        Pure Raw Cocoa Butter 1lb – $12.48
        Aloe Vera Gel 12oz. – $13.89
        Almond Oil 16oz. – $8.29
        Beeswax 1lb – 10.99
        TOTAL – $60.63 w/6% tax = 64.27

        NO-AD SPF 50 Sunscreen is $6.99 for 16oz. at my local supermarket. Can someone on here explain to me how this concoction is supposed to save me money?!?! I estimate that the ingredients above, if all of them were used, would equate to around (6) 16oz. containers of sunscreen for almost $65. Why wouldn’t I just buy the same NO-AD SPF50 sunscreen for $42 and save myself the hassle of mixing all this untested stuff together?

      12. With today’s prices for all the ingredients needed for laundry soap. Are we saving a lot or just a bit? I just went on Amazon and the prices are all double of what you quote in your article.

      13. Thank you for this post!!! I am enjoying all the links – and I’m going to be enjoying trying some new things. I’ve always been into doing this like this, but there are some new ideas here I just have to try!

        You have a brand new fan, lol!

      14. Great to have all these together in one file I can print off at my leisure and sort through which are most appropriate for our situation.

        Thank you. This has saved literally hours and hours of combing through various sites.


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