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    13 Unusual Uses for Cream of Tartar

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    13 Unusual Uses for Cream of Tartar

    Most people know cream of tartar as the ingredient that gives snickerdoodles their distinct tart flavor, or as a key ingredient in homemade meringue. You might have have a small jar in the back of the spice cabinet, but you probably only use it for a few different recipes.

    However, cream of tartar is a handy spice to have around the house for other reasons as well. Keep reading to learn more about these unusual uses for cream of tartar that make many household chores a cinch!

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    1. Laundry Stain Remover

    Whether you live on a homestead or in an urban area, stains seem to pop up all of the time, especially if you have kids. Consider using cream of tartar to create your own stain remover instead of buying those expensive stain removers in the laundry aisle.

    Simply combine lemon juice with cream of tartar to make a paste that can be directly applied like any other stain remover before popping it in the laundry. This paste works wonders on ink stains!

    2. Keep Ants Away

    Many households know that spring and summer have arrived when ants appear in the kitchen. Instead of dousing your home with harsh chemicals, consider using cream of tartar instead.

    Simply sprinkle a line of cream of tartar across any outdoor entry point. The cream of tartar repels ants and they shouldn't cross the line.

    3. Cleaning Pots and Pans

    Cream of tartar is an acidic substance that is often used in baking to help whiten and brighten food's overall appearance. The same is true for using it on dirty pans with stains and grime that won't go away.

    Combine 1 tablespoon of cream of tartar along with 1 tablespoon of vinegar for a quick stain remover. Multiply the recipe to make larger quantities if you have a sink full of super dirty dishes.

    4. Make Your Own Baking Powder

    It is common to reach for something in your spice cabinet only to realize that you don't have enough of it. You can make your own baking powder by combining baking soda and cream of tartar, though.

    Simply mix two parts cream of tartar to one part baking soda for a gluten-free DIY baking powder that is also keto friendly. Some also add arrowroot powder to their baking powder mixture as well. 

    5. Clean the Coffee Pot

    While it is recommended to wash your coffee pot regularly, sometimes coffee stains can be left behind. Clean your coffee pot by adding cream of tartar to the pot and filling the pot with boiling water.

    Allow the pot to cool down, and then rinse the pot like normal. The acidic and white properties of the cream of tartar help break down those stubborn coffee stains.

    6. Scour Toilet Bowl Stains

    Thanks to its ultra-white color properties, cream of tartar makes a great toilet bowl cleaner that is also all-natural. Sprinkle some cream of tartar into the toilet bowl and clean the bowl with a toilet brush.

    You can also combine some cream of tartar with water to create a paste that is great for more stubborn stains. 

    7. Polish Stainless Steel Appliances

    Combine some lemon juice, water, and cream of tartar to create a thick paste that is great to use on stainless steel appliances.

    Rub the cream onto the appliance using a smooth side of a sponge to get rid of grime and fingerprints. Then wipe down the scrubbed areas with a wet paper towel and then a dry towel to polish and shine your stainless steel appliances.

    8. Get Rid of Rust Stains

    It is common to have small rust stains on appliances and even countertops. Use cream of tartar to help clean up those stubborn rust stains that plague your kitchen.

    Mix cream of tartar with some water to create a thick paste. Apply the paste to rust spots and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Clean off the paste and rust with a toothbrush to gently remove the stain. 

    9. Make Play Dough

    Creating your own play dough for kids (or adults!) to use at home is a great way to save on store-bought options.

    Mix together 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar with 2 cups of flour, 1.5 cups of hot water, ½ cup of salt, and 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil. Add a few drops of food coloring to create your own playdough made with items you already have on hand.

    10. Create Homemade Slime

    Keep your kiddos busy by making homemade slime without having to buy tons of white glue. Combine 2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap along with about ¼ teaspoon of cream of tartar.

    Mix the ingredients and pop them into the fridge for a few hours. You can also put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes to speed up the process.

    11. Buttermilk Replacement

    Unless you are known for your baking skills, it is probably a good bet that you don't normally have buttermilk on hand. Instead of making an extra trip to the store, consider using cream of tartar to make a buttermilk replacement.

    Using the milk that you have in your fridge, just combine 1 cup of milk with 1.5 teaspoons of cream of tartar. You'll get tangy and somewhat bitter milk that will help in a pinch. Make sure to mix this buttermilk substitute with dry ingredients first to avoid clumping.

    12. Help With Migraines

    As a substance that is very high in potassium, cream of tartar can help regulate blood pressure and reduce migraine attacks. Although some take cream of tartar on a daily basis, it is good to talk with your doctor before starting a regular addition of the spice to help with migraines. 

    13. Reduce the Look of Acne

    Some people who suffer from mild to moderate acne have touted that cream of tartar helps to clear up their skin. Adding a teaspoon of cream of tartar to a large glass of water daily could help reduce the appearance of acne or other skin blemishes. Again, checking with your dermatologist is best before starting any remedy.

    There are plenty of unusual uses for cream of tartar that can significantly help you around the house. Not only is this powerful substance a great way to get rid of stains, but it also has some extra qualities that could also benefit your health.

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