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    15 Great Gifts for Homesteaders

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    15 Great Gifts for Homesteaders

    The gift-giving season is just around the corner! When it comes to giving gifts to homesteaders, there is one important factor that you must consider…

    Homesteaders are known for making great use of their space! They don’t deal with clutter and they don’t collect useless knickknacks. Everything thing has its place and purpose.

    That means that this holiday season, you should give homesteaders gifts that are practical, useful, and won’t end up in the junk closet (because that doesn’t exist on the homestead). However, that doesn’t mean homesteaders don’t like fun gifts, colorful gifts, or gifts that cater to their hobbies. The key here is quality, not quantity.

    In the holiday spirit, we’ve created the ultimate gift list for homesteaders , with each gift hand-selected to cater to the passions and hobbies of off-the-grid folk.

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    1. The Homestead Subscription Box

    “Your monthly subscription box for project-based tools, materials, and information – at your doorstep.”  Or in some homestead cases, “in the mailbox at the end of your long driveway”.

    Your homesteader friends or off-the-grid family may not have the time to shop for the latest tools and gadgets on the market, so give a gift that brings those tools and gadgets to them.

    One month the box might be filled with leather salve for their tools and a state of the art axe, and the next month could be an assortment of seeds and garden tools. The mystery is half the fun!

    2. Women’s Sloggers Garden and Rain Shoes

    The best gift for a woman on the homestead is one that she’ll literally use and wear every day.

    Practical, cute, and totally waterproof, these slip-on garden clogs are the epitome of cozy convenience. Whether she’s out walking the dog, feeding the chickens, tending to the horses, or just strolling down the driveway to grab the mail, she won’t have to worry about ruining her tennis shoes in the mud or trying diligently to avoid the puddles and potholes.

    3. Amazon Echo

    The learning curve for new homesteaders can be steep! How do you tell if your chicken eggs have gone bad? How do you know if the weather forecast is hospitable for planting today? How do you what home remedies are best for poison oak?

    The Amazon Echo offers instant answers without booting up the computer or typing on a tiny screen. Just ask ‘Alexa’ and she gives you solutions in real time!

    On top of that, the Echo is a great way to keep homesteaders in the loop with NPR News Radio, daily news briefs, the latest music and more.

    4. Solar Panels

    Make this the year that your homestead embarks on the futuristic path towards solar power energy! Contrary to when solar power grids first came on the market when they were reserved for large corporations with tons of cash, now you can buy affordable solar panels that are easy to set up and harness the energy.

    The aluminum frame makes these solar panels extremely durable against the elements and they are designed to harness solar energy for 25 years. How’s that for an investment?

    5. Swiss Army Knife

    The Swiss Army Knife is a right of passage for any young adventurer!

    Gift them a classic Swiss Army Pocket Knife equipped with a small knife, scissors, screwdriver, key ring, toothpick, tweezers, and nail file, and let them explore the homestead. They’ll turn into a mini Davey Crockett while cutting fruit from the trees, cutting line to fish in the river, and feeling like a real adventurer with this in their pocket.

    The knife isn’t too sharp, so you can trust kids aged 10 and up with this big boy gift.

    6. Charcoal BBQ

    The original Kettle 22-Inch Charcoal Grill is the ideal grill for homesteaders. No electricity or propane needed, just a bag of charcoal and a lighter to get it going.

    BBQ lovers with go crazy for the cook that this grill offers. The dome design traps the charcoal smoke to infuse your ribs, steaks, chicken, and pork with that deep smokey flavor while making your meat so juicy and tender.

    Made of steel and coated with porcelain enamel, this grill has been known to literally last decades without compromising the exterior or cooking quality.

    7. Rain Collection Barrel

    This one will be fun to wrap!

    Water is an essential! When you live off the grid, the ability to harness rainwater can literally mean life or death. So, it goes without saying that every homesteader needs a Rain Collection Barrel.

    Survival aside, this particular Rain Collection Barrel is the prettiest one we’ve ever seen. While it’s made of super durable BPA-free Polyethylene, it’s designed to look like a rustic, oak barrel that looks beautiful as a free-standing piece.

    8. Food Dehydrator

    Deer jerky, malting grains, wild mushrooms, varieties of fruit, dried herbs… the list goes on and on in terms of what food this dehydrator can handle.

    Dehydrating food is a way of life on the homestead. It’s a way to preserve perishable goods, create yummy snacks, and restock your spice rack.

    When shopping for a quality dehydrator, however, the problem is finding one that isn’t super bulky or takes up a lot of counter space. That’s why we love the Eastman Outdoors Food Dehydrator. It’s got an impressive capacity to handle a variety of food at one time while being compact enough for easy storage.

    9. Steel Toed Boots

    Imagine the damage one could do by dropping a heavy brick or beam on their unprotected toes. If you’ve got a handyman who’s the builder and carpenter on the homestead, put some insurance on those toes with Steel Toed Boots.

    Comfortable to wear, not too heavy, and quite good-looking, these boots will become the go-to shoe for heavy-duty work days.

    10. 32 Variety Pack of All Natural Vegetable Seeds

    Appropriately named “The Survival Garden”, this variety pack of 15,000 Non-GMO seeds represents 32 varieties of fruits, veggies, pumpkins, and more. There are exotic breeds like Golden Bantam Corn and Ruby Leaf Lettuce alongside essentials such as Beef Steak Tomatoes and Bloomsdale Spinach.

    When spring rolls around, these homesteader gift recipients will barely be able to contain their excitement when it comes time to start planting for the most sensational harvest ever.

    11. Portable Generator

    A 3500-Watt generator that runs for 10 hours on a full tank of gas with a 3-year warranty… this is the Cadillac of Generators with a Honda price tag.

    Other high-powered generators are known to blow breakers or pollute the atmosphere with that obnoxious engine noise, but not this generator. It’s reliable, low-maintenance, and quiet.

    This is the perfect gift for winter when the next snow storm and power outage is lingering just around the corner!

    12. 8 Piece Garden Tool Set

    No one knows how it happens; the mystery of the missing pruning sheers or the weeding forks that seem to disappear into thin air. For the seasoned gardener, you can bet that they are in need of a garden tool upgrade and replacement.

    This 8 piece garden set comes with a trowel, rake, pruner, cultivator, transplanter, knee pad, and more, Best of all? This tool set comes with a handy bag hat is compact and lightweight enough to carry around the garden, ensuring that no tool ever goes missing again.

    13. Garden Laboratory

    Searching for a gift to give young homesteaders ? Here it is.

    With clear side panels surrounding rich soil, kids can plant root vegetable seeds and watch them grow in real time. They can learn the process of exactly what happens underground and will be so proud to harvest the vegetables they grew themselves.

    The kit comes with radish, carrot and onion seeds, in addition to vegetable ID labels, a veggie growth chart, and 16-page Guide To Growing with gardening experiments. They’ll be professional farmers in no time!

    14. Food Mill

    Don’t underestimate this food mill based on its compact size! It can create some serious miracles in the kitchen using fruits and veggies straight from the homestead garden.

    Quickly whip up some riced potatoes, make a creamy tomato sauce for dinner, or mash organic baby food with homegrown fruit. This food mill is also the perfect sidekick for canning days when you want to create different consistencies of jams, purees, and compotes.

    15. Cute Rain Boots

    High-quality rain boots are a dream gift for every homesteading girl or woman. Slipping on these Kamik rain boots feels like putting your feet in butter! They fit as if the boot softly molds around your feet and swaddles your calf while allowing a full range of motion.

    The bottom of the boot is treaded so there is no slipping while mucking around in muddy pastures or tending to the animals during the rainy season. Plus, they look super stylish. What girl doesn’t love that?

    So there you have it, holiday shopping made easy for your homesteader friends and family! You simply can’t go wrong with any homestead gift on this list. Each one serves a purpose or speaks to a hobby, and all of them are high-quality items that are sure to prove useful and essential on the homestead for years to come.

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      1 thought on “15 Great Gifts for Homesteaders”

      1. Number 5, Swiss Army knife, you say it isn’t too sharp, so it’s safer for youngsters. That’s among the stupidest comments I’ve seen. Aside from the fact that good quality Swiss army style knives ARE sharp, you do NOT want to have kids learn the hard way about dull knives.
        If you want to let them learn knife safety, show them safety. A dull knife is NOT safe.
        Any Boy Scout manual will teach them, AND you.

        My son made it to Eagle Scout without losing a finger or any blood from using his sharp Scout knives and hatchets.


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