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    15 Gifts Any Homesteading Mother Would Love

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    15 Gifts Any Homesteading Mother Would Love

    With the many ads and commercials for Mother’s Day gifts, brunches and flower deliveries in full swing, you may be wondering what to get the frugal homesteading mama in your life. She works so tirelessly to make life easier for you and your family that you want to get her something special this year. However, you know she appreciates practical, useful items.

    Homesteading mothers are indeed a special breed. Of course, they enjoy being pampered and appreciated, but they do not want you to spend a lot of the family’s hard-earned money on frivolous store-bought gifts. To help you make this a meaningful Mother’s Day for the homesteading mom in your life, we've put together a list of ideas for you.

    1. Books

    Whether she is just starting out on her homesteading journey or is a seasoned expert, any mother can benefit from reading about how other homesteaders do things. Give her the gift of one or two books that she can reference for ideas, tips, and inspiration.

    Here are a few we like:

    2. Gardening Gloves

    All gardening gloves are not created equal, and Mom will greatly appreciate having a pair or two that stand up to all the outdoor work she does and yet do not get all hot and sticky inside. Here are two good options:

    3. Harvest basket

    It’s a trade secret, but most homesteading women are a little obsessed with well-made, pretty baskets. This Mother’s Day, why not give your Mom this attractive harvesting basket? Made of bamboo wrapped in corn husk, it features a shallow design with a sturdy handle, and it is perfect for holding just-picked flowers and veggies and/or her gardening tools. She also could use it on the kitchen counter to hold fresh fruit.

    4. Garden Work Boots

    Mom spends a lot of time working outside with the animals and the garden. Keeping her feet warm, dry and protected in a big deal. These boots are easy to slip on and off, and they keep your feet cool when it is hot outside and warm when it is cold outside. The best part, though, is that they are incredibly durable and kind of cute too.

    5. Essential Oils

    Chances are pretty good Mom uses essential oils around the homestead for a variety of health and cleaning purposes. Or maybe you have heard her mention she would like to learn more about oils and their benefits. Here is an essential oil wood box set and as well as a comprehensive book on essential oils to help her learn more.

    6. Canning Supplies

    Does your homesteading mama hit up yard sales and thrift stores for canning goods every chance she gets? Why not treat her to some fresh supplies, including a large canning pot and some reusable canning lids? She will thank you many times over with delicious preserved foods.

    7. Pocket knife

    Resourceful homesteading mothers need a good knife to harvest produce in the garden, open bales of hay and packages of annual feed and zillions of other things each day. Gift her with a quality pocket knife this year. Here's a good one to consider: Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Scout Knife

    8. Hanging Bushes

    Skip the expensive store-bought bouquets of flowers and purchase some raspberry bushes for Mom. They are the kind of plants that keep on giving. Yum! Here’s a hanging bush we like for gift-giving, as well as another raspberry bush option.

    9. Stainless Steel Utility Bucket

    Mom will appreciate the shiny newness and usefulness of a new stainless steel pail. She’ll use it for hauling feed and liquids and for many other chores, but here’s a tip — let it be just hers for a while.

    10. Kitchen Mixer

    A homesteading mom needs a quality kitchen mixer. If your Mom has been doing without or making do with a small handheld mixer, it’s time to treat her to a new high-quality one that will last. You won’t believe all the things she will be able to prepare with it!

    11. Food Processor

    A food processor will help save Mom’s time and energy when cooking meals and preserving foods. This model allows you to fill the bowl to capacity with ingredients without making a mess.

    12. Dehydrator

    Frugal homesteading mothers preserve fruits and vegetables with dehydration, a process that concentrates the natural flavor, sweetness, and aromas of your food. With this Excalibur Dehydrator, which is ideal for big families, Mom can preserve your home-grown healthy produce easily and economically.

    13. Sewing supplies

    Surprise your mom with a new sewing machine this Mother’s Day or add some sewing supplies to a basket of other gifts. We know she will appreciate some new sewing scissors, or how about this handy caddy for her knitting and crocheting supplies?

    14. Homemade Gifts

    All moms love gifts that come from the heart. Do-it-yourself gift ideas for kids include painting and decorating some of her terra cotta garden pots or finding and painting some large stones to decorate her flower beds.

    Or give Mom a pretty basket full of I.O.U coupons for help with chores around the home and garden this spring and summer. Some coupon ideas are:

    • 30 minutes of garden weeding
    • One week of daily dish washing
    • Compost duty for two days
    • Bathroom cleaning for two weeks
    • Early morning animal feeding for one week
    • Babysitting while Mom spends some time relaxing

    15. Dinner

    Last, but certainly not least, give Mom a gift of your time and effort by making her a special meal on Mother’s Day. Plan a menu of her favorites, prepare them carefully, and serve them to her on a pretty tray decorated with home-grown flowers and a handmade card signed by each member of the family.

    Homesteading moms are indeed a different breed. They don’t go for expensive fluffy just-because-it’s-Mother’s Day gifts. But they will reward you with smiles and hugs if you give them one of these practical gifts that show you truly value all the sacrifices they make for your family. Happy Mother’s Day!

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