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    31 Off-Grid Uses for Vaseline

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    31 Off-Grid Uses for Vaseline

    One of the best tools a prepper has is good old-fashion Vaseline. It is the product with endless uses. It pretty much lasts forever when stored correctly. It might not be as effective or it may discolor, but it can still get the job done in a pinch, even if it’s been in the back of the medicine cabinet for a decade.

    It’s relatively cheap and a little goes a long way. That means you can store a few large jars and know you will have plenty to handle all the jobs that Vaseline can help with. Remember, one of the key rules of prepping is to only give shelf space to items that serve multiple purposes. You can’t waste the money or space on one-hit wonders. That means you need to get a little creative. Think outside of the box.

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    Check out some of the many ways you can use Vaseline

    1. Lubricant

    Vaseline can be used as a lubricant for mechanical parts such as hinges, locks, and tools. You’ll be doing a lot of hands-on work and will need to keep your tools in good working condition. A little dab is all you need. Smear it over a squeaky hinge or a lock that’s a little stiff.

    2. Fire starter

    Vaseline-soaked cotton balls or cotton pads can be used as effective fire starters. The petroleum jelly enhances the burn time and makes it easier to ignite. Store some of these in a Ziploc bag and keep in your bug out bag or even in the glove compartment of your car in case of emergency. The cotton balls will burn longer, giving your kindling time to take off.

    3. Moisturizer

    In harsh weather conditions or when skin becomes dry and chapped, Vaseline can be applied to provide much-needed moisturization. It may not seem important to stay moisturized, but if your skin is chapped and cracked, you are more susceptible to infection. You need to do your best to keep your skin hydrated. It is your first defense against the elements.

    4. Chapstick

    Protect and soothe chapped lips by applying a small amount of Vaseline. You don’t want to go overboard. Just a little to provide a nice layer of protection from the sun, wind and extreme cold.

    5. Sunburn relief

    Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to soothe sunburned skin and help retain moisture. Only apply the Vaseline after you have let the area cool down. You don’t want to trap the heat, but it is necessary to keep the skin moisturized. There are varying opinions about Vaseline and sunburns, but this link to the AAD recommends it.

    6. Wound dressing

    In an emergency, Vaseline can be used to create a protective barrier on minor wounds to keep out dirt and bacteria. If you slice your finger, knee or whatever but don’t have the time to stop and do a full wrap, a layer of Vaseline will keep out dirt and debris.

    7. Prevent rust

    Coat metal tools or surfaces with Vaseline to protect them from rusting. Rust is like acid to metal. Over time, it will eat right through your metal tools. It not only saves you money to take care of your tools, but in a post-apocalyptic world, you won’t have the luxury of running to Home Depot and getting new ones.

    8. Insect repellent

    A thin layer of Vaseline on exposed skin can help repel insects. Obviously, this would be a little uncomfortable to cover your body with Vaseline, but there are certain bugs that like the back of the neck or around your face. Bug bites lead to itching which can lead to broken skin and an invitation for infection.

    9. Boot protectant

    Protect leather shoes or boots with a small amount of Vaseline. It gives them a layer of protection and makes them water resistant in low moisture situations. Imagine walking through dewy grass on a hunt first thing in the morning. You want your feet dry to keep from your skin from suffering and cracking. And the leather makes your boots look shiny and new—if that matters.

    10. Cracked heel repair

    Apply Vaseline to cracked heels to soften and promote healing. Cracked heals can be painful and make it difficult to walk. Your skin may bleed, which can be a big problem when you don’t have antibiotics. Protect your skin!

    11. Rusty screw loosener

    Apply Vaseline to rusty screws to help loosen them. Also, if you use a minimal layer on the screws when you are putting them in, it can keep them from rusting out and they’ll come out a lot easier.

    12. Candle holder

    Coat the inside of a jar or container with Vaseline, and it can serve as a makeshift candle holder. This will keep your candle upright when you use the Vaseline as a glue of sorts.

    13. Improvised gasket

    In automotive repairs or other equipment, Vaseline can be used to create a temporary gasket to prevent leaks. If you have a leaky seal, rub a layer of Vaseline around the gasket. You can also use Vaseline on the outside of a connection if there’s a minor leak.

    14. Preserve batteries

    Coat the ends of unused batteries with Vaseline to prevent corrosion and prolong their life. This is very useful for vehicle batteries that are prone to corrosion.

    15. Bike chain grease

    If you’ve taken to two wheels, your bike chain may get a little stiff. A little Vaseline will get things moving again. This is a temporary solution, but it will work.

    16. Chicken

    If you’re in a cold climate and you’ve got chickens that are part of your food supply, you want to protect them and keep them healthy. Rubbing some Vaseline on their feet and crowns will prevent frostbite which can ultimately lead to their demise.

    17. Dog

    If it’s hot or icy, your dogs paws are susceptible to injury. You want to keep them healthy and mobile. Rub a little Vaseline on their paws to prevent cracking and bleeding in extreme climates.

    18. Blister prevention

    If you’re going for a long walk, rub a little Vaseline on your pinky toe and heel area to prevent blisters. It will reduce friction and keep your skin from blistering.

    19. Food storage

    If you’ve got an old butter container you’re using to store dry goods or even your tools, you can add a layer of Vaseline around the lid to give you a little better seal.

    20. Bandage sealer

    Band-aids are not waterproof, even if they say they are. They always peel up at the edges and from that point on, it’s going to be a flapping disaster. Put on a band-aid and then rub Vaseline around the edges to keep water and dirt from getting in and ruining the adhesion.

    21. Diaper Cream

    If you’ve got a little one in diapers and don’t have access to your normal diaper cream, a little Vaseline will work. It will protect the skin from the moisture that can lead to painful rashes.

    22. Garden

    If you’re struggling with ants and aphids on your fruit trees, you can add a layer of Vaseline over the bottom half of the trunk. The ants aren’t going to climb the trunk to get to your precious fruit.

    23. Fly trap

    This will work for mosquitoes and gnats as well. Rub a few stripes of Vaseline over a piece of cardboard or plastic and put it near the window or wherever the obnoxious flying bugs are frequenting. They’ll get trapped in the sticky Vaseline. You can also prevent the bugs from crawling through cracks around windows and doors by rubbing a layer around windowsills and door jams.

    24. Zippers

    If you have a zipper that’s stuck, try a little Vaseline to get things moving again.

    25. Anti-chafe

    If you have to wear a particular clothing item, i.e., bra, belt or whatever, and it tends to rub your skin wrong, add a layer of Vaseline to the area just like you would do for a blister.

    26. Skin protectant

    If you have to work with a cleaning agent or some other chemical that might hurt your skin and you don’t have gloves, rub Vaseline over your hands. This will protect your skin from harsh chemicals.

    27. Nose

    Yes, your nose. If you’ve got a cold or allergies and your nose has become raw and tender, rub a little Vaseline on it to protect the skin. You’ll need to reapply frequently if you’re burning through tissues.

    28. Hoses

    If you’ve got one of those stubborn hose ends that always seems to be difficult to unscrew, add a little Vaseline to the threads. It will make it easier to get off and on as well as keep it from leaking when in use.

    29. Candle wick

    If you’ve got a candle that the wick has broken off too low, heat up the candle and melt the wax. Dip a cotton string (mop would work) in Vaseline. Submerge in the wax and let it harden again. You will once again have a candle.

    30. Candle

    If you’ve got a jar of Vaseline, you can turn it into a candle. The wick can be a piece of yarn or a cotton ball. Check out this video for one method.

    31. Beauty

    Vaseline has long been a favorite in the beauty world. It may not necessarily be a life-saving method, but it’s helpful. You can use Vaseline to remove makeup, as a shaving cream or a hair gel.

    Vaseline is one of those must-haves in any prepper stockpile. Depending on who you talk to, you might discover even more uses. One item not mentioned was a lubricant for firearms. In a pinch, you could use it, but it’s not recommended. Also, it doesn’t necessarily need to be the brand name stuff. The dollar store is a great place to load up.

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