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    9 Best States for Off-Grid Living

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    9 Best States for Off-Grid Living

    If we define off-grid living as living without relying on public utilities, then what are the best states for this kind of lifestyle? As this video by Live Life DIY discusses, there nine states for off-grid living that stand out above the rest .

    Below you'll find a brief summary of what's in the video. Here are the states he recommends:

    1. Montana
    2. Maine
    3. Vermont

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    If you want to live in the northern part of the country, Montana, Maine, and Vermont are arguably the best options. Each of these three states comes packed with natural resources.

    Montana allows you to do essentially whatever you want with very few restrictions, even though it does have a slightly higher cost of living. Maine and Vermont have short growing seasons, but are inland and away from the expensive areas on the coast.

    1. Washington
    2. Oregon

    If you want to live in the Northwest, Washington and Oregon are good so long as you stick to the eastern side of the Cascades. These are both progressive states with high regulations and strict building codes.

    However, the eastern regions are far more conservative. They come packed with natural resources as well, and the codes and laws are less strict there. You could also give Idaho a shot too, which is far more conservative.

    1. Tennessee
    2. Missouri

    If you want to live in the middle of the country, Tennessee and Missouri are some of the best options. They are very friendly to off-grid living, have low taxes, low regulations, and lots of natural resources. Their two biggest risks are tornadoes and flooding, so be prepared for that.

    1. Arizona
    2. Texas

    In the south, the two best options are Arizona and Texas. They offer plenty of sunshine for solar living, offer a lower cost of living, and likewise have fewer taxes and regulations.

    Remember that you shouldn't just take the states into account, but also the land. Look for areas that are disconnected from public utilities, that offer good agricultural land for growing crops, that have a natural source of water, and that are hidden from public view or passing cars with trees.

    As I said, this post is just a brief summary. Watch the video by Live Life DIY below to learn more and determine which state is best for you.

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    Want to Start a Homestead but Not Sure How?

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      6 thoughts on “9 Best States for Off-Grid Living”

      1. I opted to move to one of the islands off Washington State (San Juans). Maybe it’s more Liberal but, everyone does well avoiding that arguement and… that 20 mile saltwater moat from the mainland is nice, plenty of fishing, black tail deer and great farming lands. Oh sure…the doom and gloom of a 10 magnitude earthquake…..ehh, if it happens, it happens.

        • Donald, I was thinking of Arkansas & would appreciate some information about locations to choose from [ fishing, hunting & small business/farming to survive is what I may need] I’m studying survival as an Asian Immigrant & would be glad to share what I know of off-grid healthcare which people may want when drugs would be made a weapon of blackmail as withholding same would make people helpless, especially in the wilds] my phone #; +1-862-371-2031; to text & get other information. thank you; Roharne

          • normally I would say not to give out personal information, not even phone number. I think the best thing is to find your own tribe, the people you trust or people with different skills. I wouldn’t be trusting people personally especially after SHTF, wouldn’t be trusting people just because people are nice now, doesn’t mean they will not try to harm you when desperate situation call for desperate solution. as for location, I believe it is better to do the opposite to stay safe. if people heads to the mountains, heads to the lake, heads to the places moving out from..

      2. Montana has super high land prices!!!! Missoula County reams you when it comes to permits and will NOT allow you to have ponds for fire fighting!!!!! You have to have permits from the state for just about everything!!!!!!! The taxes are OUTRAGIOUS!!!!!! I used to own land there and sold it to move to South Dakota!!!!! Anything in the Northeast is LEFTIST!!!!!! YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!! I HAVE LIVED IN EVERY STATE THAT YOU HAVE LISTED AT ONE TIME OR ANOTHER!!!!


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