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    Homestead Equipment: What To Buy vs What To Rent

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    Homestead Equipment: What To Buy vs What To Rent

    As climate change and environmental issues continue to worsen, many people are considering homesteading as a form of more sustainable living . If you've never lived on a homestead or gone off-grid before, beginning your own can be a bit overwhelming at first. You want to have all of the tools and equipment you'll need for projects and repairs.

    Still, how do you know which items to buy and which to rent?

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    What Should You Rent?

    As a beginner homesteader, odds are you won't need all the machinery and tools a full-blown farmer would, especially to start. Therefore, it may be smarter and more financially responsible to rent instead of purchasing the following tools and equipment.


    Owning a tractor is the dream of farmers and homesteaders across America. After all, nothing screams “farm life is the best life” than these green, red and yellow giants. However, when you're beginning your homesteading journey, it's highly unlikely you'll be using a tractor often enough to justify purchasing one.

    A new tractor can cost as much as a house, and even older machines cost tens of thousands of dollars. Thus, it's best to rent a tractor if you'll use it infrequently.

    Agricultural Sprayer

    Farmers and homesteaders alike often use sprayers to dispense pesticides, fungicides, and other solutions on their fields as a means of crop control. Those with vast expanses of farmland often use a sizeable agricultural sprayer to get the job done.

    However, these items can be just as expensive as a tractor, if not more so. Therefore, if you have a small garden, you might use a handheld sprayer instead. Moreover, if you don't plan to spray often, choose to rent the machine.


    Within your first few weeks of beginning to homestead, you'll discover that tools and equipment will begin piling up in your backyard or shed.

    If you find you don't have enough room to store your stuff, it may be a smart move to rent a storage unit. Doing so may be the best option in the beginning if you haven't yet built a barn or large shed to keep your tools in.

    What Should You Buy?

    While there are some things you can and should rent, others you must buy. In most cases, the tools and gear you use daily or weekly are worth purchasing.

    Hand Tools

    Drills, wrenches, hammers, and other standard hand tools are useful to have at all times. You'll use these items on a fairly regular basis to complete both indoor and outdoor projects.

    The longer you homestead, the more tools you'll acquire as you begin to realize how many you truly need. Pick up a tool kit at your local supermarket or feed store or order one online.

    Compost Bin

    Composting and gardening go together like two peas in a pod. Grow the food, pick it, and use the scraps to fertilize your crops — it's the homesteader's ideal cycle.

    Typically, it's easiest to toss your scraps in a compost bin with soil so that they break down before you add them to your garden. Be sure to place your container in a shady spot in your yard, and moisten dry materials before you toss them in.


    Aren't you supposed to rent storage? Well, yes, but only if you have to. Moreover, you should only pay to store things for a short time while you work on building your own storage space.

    This setup could be a shed or any other small space to store essential tools and equipment. Doing so will both save you money and allow you quick, easy access to all your items.

    Start Your Homesteading Experience

    Beginning a homestead can be expensive and overwhelming if you don't know which items to buy and which to rent. However, within the first year, you'll discover which tools and equipment are necessary for maintenance.

    As your knowledge grows and you wish to expand, you can begin purchasing more things. For now, stick to the basics, and don't be afraid to rent the homesteading equipment you don't think you'll use often.

    Equipment to Rent:

    • Tractor
    • Agricultural sprayer
    • Storage unit

    Equipment to Buy:

    • Drills
    • Hammers
    • Other hand tools
    • Compost bin
    • Shed or other tool storage

    Author Bio: Emily has been working on gradually going off the grid through making her own cleaning supplies, developing her garden, and decreasing her energy usage. You can read more of her work on her blog, Conservation Folks.

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    Want to Start a Homestead but Not Sure How?

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