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    21 Survival Uses for Honey That May Surprise You

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    Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor and nothing in this article should be taken as medical advice. Please talk to your doctor before using any of the herbs and/or remedies mentioned in this article.

    21 Survival Uses for Honey That May Surprise You

    Wild honey has been used for centuries by indigenous and ancient peoples all over the world. Groups have used it for many different purposes to make their daily life a little more comfortable. From medicinal to cooking purposes, honey is a well-loved ingredient by survivalists and foodies today.

    What exactly have we learned from our ancestors about this golden syrup? Of all the reasons to use honey, here are 21 survival uses for honey that you should know. In a survival scenario, honey is a necessity. 

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    Types of Honey

    Raw, natural honey is the best source for these amazing survival uses. You want the least processed honey you can find. With more processing and unnatural practices, the fewer nutrients the honey possesses. You want the best, most nutritious honey when using it for any of the following uses.

    Honey sourced from a specific location or farm can help determine the authenticity or quality of the honey. If you know a trusted bee farmer who does not use chemicals on their nearby pollination flowers, source your honey from there. Avoid buying processed honey in the bear container at the grocery store. The nutrients in cheap honey will not compare to all-natural honey.

    The benefits of all-natural, raw honey are incomparable to processed. If you have your own homestead, it may be beneficial for you to learn the art of beekeeping for extracting honey. It could save you in a multitude of ways when surviving. 

    1. Antibiotic and Antibacterial

    Ancient Egyptians wrote about honey and its many uses. They used it to treat minor wounds as an antibacterial agent. Today, we know that honey cleans and protects wounds while promoting the congealing of blood to stop any excess bleeding

    As honey enters the bloodstream and other bodily fluids, it releases antibiotic hydrogen peroxide. Also, as it releases hydrogen peroxide, it promotes oxygen and healing compounds to the wound. Today, we have a few other wound treatments that work effectively . If you are in a dire situation, honey can be a life-saver.

    2. Antioxidant-Rich

    Honey contains high levels of antioxidants, which are known to treat inflammation in the body among many other benefits. These rich vitamins and minerals from honey give your body the nutrition it needs, especially in a survival situation. The antioxidants can help your body stay strong and prevent nasty illnesses before they manifest.

    3. Balances Gut Microbiome

    Since honey has antibacterial qualities, it helps to balance your gut’s microbiome. Good bacteria can flourish, which your gut needs, while bad bacteria numbers decrease when consuming only a few teaspoons of honey. Healthy gut bacteria are essential for not only surviving but thriving.

    4. Burn Care

    Just as minor wounds can be treated with honey, so can minor burns. Honey promotes the healthy healing of skin when applied to a burn. It also prevents infection from bacteria entering the open wound. Burns can be scary in survival mode, as gangrene can develop fairly quickly.

    5. Energy Boosting

    Honey contains natural sugars, which turn into carbohydrates. Carbs give us the energy to get through the day and are very important on a survival diet. Having honey in the morning may boost morale and help you get through your survival tasks more easily.

    6. Excellent Preservative

    Honey can be used as a preservative, as it has been for centuries. The concentrated sugar in honey draws water out of bacteria or yeast cells. This action does not allow bacteria to grow, preserving whatever food is suspended within the honey. You need lots of honey for the preservation of large food items, so ration your honey wisely.

    7. Flavor Enhancer

    If you are in a survival scenario and need to eat foods you normally wouldn’t touch, honey can help. In survival mode, you have to eat whatever food is available. If that happens to be the stomach lining of a fresh hunt, honey can mask the undesirable flavors and help you to your next meal. 

    8. Great Moisturizer 

    Honey is a great moisturizer, which may otherwise be hard to find in an emergency. Cracked, chapped skin can keep us from completing daily tasks. Moisturizing with honey can alleviate some discomfort. Use it on the hands and feet or other chapped areas when needed.

    9. Help Eliminate Parasites

    When mixed with vinegar, honey can help expel parasites from the body. If you suspect to have a parasite in survival mode, drink a honey and vinegar solution diluted with water. These parasites can be harmful to the body if not treated quickly.

    10. Helps Alleviate Allergies

    Honey is made from pollen by bees. By introducing that pollen into the digestive tract, it is believed that folks with allergies will have diminished symptoms once allergy season arrives. If your body is already fine with pollen in the digestive tract, hopefully, the pollen in the air will not have a powerful effect on one’s allergies.

    11. Infection Prevention

    Honey on wounds can prevent bacterial infections from arising. Honey can also treat infections inside the body, such as diarrhea caused by infection. Honey can prevent infection both internally and externally.

    Honey Drip in Jar

    12. Muscle Soother

    After a strenuous day or workout, honey can be applied to muscles to soothe them. The glucose in honey helps to calm the inflamed tissues. Moving wood or carrying your fresh hunt is strenuous work and having a muscle soother is great after a long day of hard work.

    13. Natural Sweetener

    Honey is excellent to cook with, especially when you do not have sugar or maple syrup on hand. You can sweeten your tea or coffee, bake sweetbreads or treats, or add lots of flavor to soups or stews. Honey can even be used in savory dishes to bring extra flavor to an otherwise bland meal. Survival food is usually not seasoned much, so honey can bring some welcome flavor enhancement. 

    14. Prevention of Diseases

    Honey can halt the development of certain diseases thanks to its many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. It can promote healthy blood flow, provide carbohydrates as energy, and prevent bad stomach bacteria from growing and making you sick. Eating honey strictly for disease prevention is enough of a reason to eat it every day in survival mode.

    15. Promote Better Circulation

    The natural glucose in honey raises blood sugar levels, which promotes better blood circulation. Better blood circulation prevents damage to capillaries and lessens the chances of developing heart disease, something that cannot be treated professionally in a survival situation. Prevent disease so that you do not have to struggle with illness while surviving.

    16. Promotes Healthy Blood Sugar

    Raised blood sugar levels are not good consistently. Honey raises blood sugar, but not nearly as quickly as refined sugar. The number of carbohydrates you eat also depends on blood sugar levels. Honey is a natural source of both sugar and carbs, keeping your blood sugar within a healthy range.

    17. Reduces Nausea

    For upsets stomachs, honey has long been used as a treatment. Honey can coat the stomach, which soothes and stops the “bubble guts” feeling associated with nausea. It also contains powerful enzymes that the body needs to fight harmful bacteria that cause an upset stomach. 

    18. Relieves Sore Throat

    Perhaps the most common use for honey in our modern world is treating a sore throat. Honey coats and soothes the throat when it is irritated, providing much-needed relief. The powerful antioxidants fight off the illness, helping you recuperate quickly from the sore throat. A warm honey and water solution is one of the best drinks to consume when sick.

    19. Sleep Aid

    Tea with honey before bed is drunk by folks all over the world. There may be science behind why this drink helps you sleep, and it lies within the honey. Many believe that honey contains brain-enhancing elements, which calms you down and helps you fall asleep. After falling asleep, honey is said to help you stay asleep.

    20. Soothes Cough

    In addition to soothing a sore throat, honey is very commonly used to soothe a cough. Honey mixed with tea or water can be a powerful and delicious hot drink to sip on with a chest cold. The antioxidants in honey fight off the harmful bacteria that cause illness. The honey also coats the throat, making your cough less intense or painful.

    21. Wound Healing Antiseptic

    Manuka honey is the best variety to use as an antiseptic. It resisted bacterial infections in burn victims and patients with moderate wounds. Pathogenic bacteria respond most notably to honey as a treatment. This may be hard to find in a survival situation. However, it is worth mentioning how healthy manuka honey is for the body.


    Honey is a magical food item that can also be used for a variety of survival tasks. By having high-quality, natural honey in your arsenal, you can better your chances of surviving in harsh conditions. Let’s hope that we never have to live this way. If we do, honey can offer so many health benefits when living off of the land in survival mode. Do not dismiss the healing powers of raw honey!

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