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    Things You Should Get RIGHT NOW If You Haven’t Started Prepping

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    Things You Should Get RIGHT NOW If You Haven't Started Prepping

    If you’re one of our readers who likes to learn about homesteading and preparedness, but hasn’t taken any concrete steps, this article is for you.

    Everywhere you look, there are signs that civilization has peaked and it’s all downhill from here. Thanks to wars, crop failures, political battles, and economic turmoil, food insecurity is on the rise, and the entire world is going crazy.

    We don’t know when things are going to pop off, but you have to accept reality: hard times are coming. For many, they’re already here. The best thing you can do is get ready. Be prepared to rely on what’s in your pantry, basement, or wherever. It’s the only thing you can rely on.

    Having a stockpile of food and other basic necessities will give you peace of mind. You’re going to sleep a little better. You’re going to feel your anxiety drop. When you hear the news about recession, war, or another pandemic, you can take a breath.

    You don’t have to be one of the people panicking to get a bag of rice to feed your family. You can stay home, stay safe and stay calm.

    The following list is a great way to get started securing your future, and you can always build on this list. Preppers will tell you that true preppers never stop. You keep stocking and adding little things that will make your life a little easier if there’s a disaster, manmade or natural.

    If the shit were to hit the fan, would you be prepared to stay in your home for days? Weeks? If you’re not, you need to get started on this list. Most of these things are really cheap and plentiful right now. You can buy in bulk and pay pennies for some of the items.

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    Food is pretty obvious and it’s a big umbrella. Essentially, you want to have nonperishable foods. Don’t waste your money stocking anything that requires refrigeration. There are countless lists you can find about what you should be putting away for a rainy day. We’ll give you some of the brief highlights.

    There is one really important rule to remember—only store what your family will eat. Some other things you’ll want to remember are things like nutritional content. Calories count, but not in the way you are used to now. You’re going to need the calories when you’re busting your butt trying to take care of business.

    You need energy. Calories are energy. You’re also going to need to think about nutrition. You need to stay as healthy as possible. Eating a balanced diet is important. You’re going to need plenty of protein, carbohydrates and the basic vitamins and minerals.

    On a side note, it doesn’t hurt to store some of the little things that bring you comfort. Chocolate and candy can go a long way to making a horrible day a lot better. Think of the kids that are going to be desperate for their usual treats.


    It’s hard to store enough water to keep your family going, but there are some options. If you are going to store water straight from your tap, store it in plastic containers like washed and rinsed two-liter soda bottles. Don’t use milk jugs. They aren’t going to last long.

    Bottled water is good for immediate short-term use. The larger five-gallon containers are great, if you have a way to fill your water glasses. You’ll need to store plenty of methods to purify any water you store or collect. A nice filtering system is great. You can build one for yourself.

    Check out YouTube for some cheap, easy options. Basic household bleach will also work, but it’s only good for about six months on the shelf. Make sure you are rotating your supply.

    First aid

    If you’re not able to get to a doctor, you need to be prepared to handle your immediate medical needs. You may not have the luxury of running to urgent care to handle a minor injury. Everything from the basic scraped knees to a laceration that requires stitches or a sprain.

    A few supplies you want to have in your stockpile are listed below. Don’t be afraid to add to it and overstock. You can never have too much.

    Natural medicines

    This is one of those things that will take some knowledge. You want to learn about some natural medicine cures and homeopathic meds. Buy a book—you won’t be disappointed. There are plenty of options available. Plenty of things you can use to fight infections that don’t require a prescription.

    It goes beyond daily vitamins. Things like raw honey, garlic pills and essential oils all have their place in the world of natural medicine. When you can’t get access to prescription meds, know how to treat yourself without a prescription pad.


    This is about as big of an umbrella as the food topic. When we talk about tools, we talk about the things that allow you to survive. To live without the most basic conveniences like calling a handyman to fix a broken door or maybe without electricity.

    Think about what’s in your garage or pantry right now. Could you start a fire to keep your family warm and to make a meal? Can you secure your front door to keep people from coming to get the stuff you do have? Fix your car, bike or whatever transportation you might be relying on?

    Cleaning supplies

    You need to keep your space clean and as bacteria free as possible. If things get to the point you don’t have running water, keeping your home clean becomes even more important. You want to avoid cross-contamination with your food prep.

    You also need to think about the stuff you’re going to be doing outside and tracking in. Keeping your home clean can make you feel better physically as well as mentally.

    Personal hygiene

    Cleanliness is important to staying healthy. It also makes you feel a lot better when you don’t stink. You can’t afford to deal with issues that arise from being dirty. It can lead to sickness and even infection. Stock up on these things because they can also be very useful for bartering with your neighbors.

    Survival in general

    Think of what’s in your junk drawer, garage or in the closet that catches all the weird little things that you need but don’t really have a space. The list below is not comprehensive, but it will help get you in the right mindset.

    Think about all the little things that make life easier. Things that will help you survive in general.

    The list is a starting point. Having these supplies on hand will mean the difference between not just surviving but being comfortable and better capable of thriving. Don’t put it off. Make a plan, clear some space in your home and do it.

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    Want to Start a Homestead but Not Sure How?

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      2 thoughts on “Things You Should Get RIGHT NOW If You Haven’t Started Prepping”

      1. I would like to know were you would get and store all of the stuff that you have went thru.
        Do you have a place to store all that people can store all of the things you have talked about

      2. To misquote the Ancient Mariner: ‘Twaddle, twaddle everywhere: and not a stop to think!’
        No matter HOW ‘bad’ (always in RELATIVE TERMS) a situation may (or may NOT!) get, the key to survival ISN’T stockpiling toilet paper and other groceries that are integral to a DIFFERENT world.
        As always the Laws of Nature will prevail; The ONLY key to survival is adaptability (to the environment and prevailing/changeable circumstances). NOT VICE VERSA: ie insisting the environment/circumstances adapt to YOU.
        A few BILLION years of our ancestral evolution succeeded (demonstrated by the FACT that we have arrived in the present) without ANY of the nonsense touted by the current self-proclaimed ‘experts’. Think, people! Think! And here’s a tip from someone who’s ALWAYS lived ‘survival’ by nature: Rely on your ancestral INSTINCTS, as applied to current situations via your braincells. Tampons are NEVER an issue in the REAL WORLD; nor is ‘Feminism’. And ‘Equality’ doesn’t exist anywhere in the universe; it’s another fantasy we’ve invented so that our arithmetic will work.


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