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    45 Dirt-Cheap Items That Will Soon Be Hard To Find

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    45 Dirt-Cheap Items That Will Soon Be Hard To Find

    While survival kits usually require a nice investment, many of the necessary items are actually dirt cheap. Common cheap items from the dollar store or mega-mart are extremely handy in a survival situation. With the Great Toilet Paper Shortage of 2020, it is not outrageous to think that even more items may become hard to find when the SHTF.

    Many of these cheap items may gain serious value as they become more scarce. Stocking up on items aside from nonperishable food can help keep your mind sharp and your body healthy, and they can gain you bartering chips with other survivalists. Here are 45 dirt-cheap items that will soon be hard to find, so stock up now!

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    1. Aloe

    During an emergency, you may be forced out of your home and into the hot sun. For treating sunburn or minor skin abrasions, having aloe is a great idea. You can buy it in a bottle for travel or keep an aloe plant or two around the house.

    2. Ammunition

    It’s not a good idea to hoard more ammunition than an army would need, but securing a few year’s worth of ammo for hunting and defense is a major advantage. Try not to buy more ammo than you can carry if you need to move locations. And be sure to store it properly.

    3. Art Supplies

    This may seem unnecessary, but on boring days without power or chores, art is a great mental outlet. If you are not an artsy person, keep pens and paper for journaling or casual doodling. Other art supplies such as paper clips, tape, and markers can be useful in a variety of ways.

    4. Bandages

    Bandages and first aid kits will be one of the first items to sell out during an emergency. Buy them before the demand raises so you can care for your family in case of injury.

    5. Batteries

    Many of our devices are battery-operated. An emergency may cause the loss of power, so batteries will be invaluable in a time of need. This goes for power generators, too.

    6. Beer

    Winding down with a beer at the end of a long day may become rare with the buyout of beer. Stock up on your favorite or learn to make your own using a few simple ingredients. You can even grow hops yourself!

    7. Birth Control

    Condoms and prescribed birth control may become a thing of the past with an apocalypse. At the very least, stock up on condoms for any dates you may have after SHTF.

    8. Bungee Cords

    You may be forced to evacuate to a safer location during an emergency. Be sure to have bungee cords lying around to secure your large items for safe travel.

    9. Candles

    Stock up on inexpensive candles from the grocery store or keep around your kid’s candle-making kit they received for Christmas a few years back. If the power goes out, you will need reliable light to see at night.

    10. Candy

    For those with a sweet tooth, stock up on your favorite candy before an emergency. The sugar in candy gives a boost of energy and it may be used as a form of trading currency one day.

    11. Canteen

    It’s impossible to travel anywhere without water. An easy-carry canteen will make your water portable and will always protect you from dehydration.

    12. Cigarettes

    They’re a bad habit to start, but cigarettes have become a form of currency within the armed forces in the past. Once they are hard to find, cigarettes will skyrocket in cost (even higher than they are now).

    13. Coffee

    Liquid gold is going to be hard to find, so stock up on your favorite type. Manual coffee accessories are also important. You want to be able to make your coffee even without electricity.

    14. Disposable Cell Phones

    Also known as “burners”, disposable cell phones may be necessary to contact loved ones should SHTF. Phone lines can be destroyed, tapped, or tampered with; relying on a disposable cell phone may be your best and cheapest untraceable option.

    15. Dried Beans

    Dried beans are one of the most economically friendly foods that provide tons of nutrition to an apocalyptic diet. They only cost a few dollars, so get a bunch while you can. Plus, they last (almost) forever!

    16. Feminine Products

    Tampons and pads may become a luxury of the past when SHTF. While these products are not inherently cheap, they will become more expensive as the need for them increases.

    17. Fishing Supplies

    Being able to provide some healthy fats in the form of freshly caught fish is a dietary necessity. Keep your fishing game strong by having a surplus of fishing lines, rods, and lures. 

    18. Flashlights

    When the power goes out, nighttime gets very dark. Flashlights are perfect because each member of the household can keep one next to their bed in case of an emergency.

    19. Garbage Bags

    Garbage bags have many more uses than just garbage. These bags may sell out quickly once SHTF, so buy excess before that happens.

    20. Gasoline/Fuel

    Lots of homestead machinery is fuel-powered, so keep fuel on hand. This will help your operation to run smoothly. Plus, every car needs gas, especially if your gas station becomes abandoned after an emergency.

    21. Glue

    Nail glue, super glue, and Elmer’s glue all have their place in a survival situation. Keep different types for different uses.

    22. Hand Sanitizer

    With what we saw during the recent pandemic, hand sanitizer will be an item that is incredibly hard to find. This stuff does evaporate over time, but stocking up on your favorite hand sanitizer is a must before the next shortage.

    23. Lanterns

    Candle or fuel lanterns can burn for a long time and are perfect for outdoor use. Cheap lanterns from a supercenter can provide tons of light in apocalyptic darkness.

    24. Lighters

    Lighting a campfire or a lantern is easiest when you have lighters. Buy a value pack and keep lighters near your candles just in case of a blackout.

    25. Lotion 

    Chapped, dry skin from clothes, weather conditions or other factors may require lotion. Without moisture, chapped skin can become more inflamed and uncomfortable. 

    26. Matches

    If you run out of lighters, you will need another way of easily making fire. Matches can be found for free outside of restaurants, so make sure you have some near your lanterns and candles.

    27. Needle and Thread

    Clothes can easily become tattered during an emergency. Having some sewing supplies around can save your clothes for another year or two. 

    28. OTC Pain Reliever

    Headaches and fevers can easily be resolved with ibuprofen or acetaminophen. Stock up on multiple bottles, especially if you are a migraine or chronic pain sufferer.

    29. Paper Towels

    Spills, garage messes, and other household tasks require lots of paper towels. Keep them stocked for when you truly need them in an emergency. 

    30. Purified Water

    Having a running water source nearby is imperative. If you do not, stock up on water jugs or a water purification system to ensure your family has enough clean water to drink.

    31. Rain Catchers

    While they may be illegal where you live, catching rain is the most off-the-grid way of providing water to your family. This water can allow for showers, baths, cooking, or watering crops.

    32. Rope

    A rope is needed for so many household tasks. You never know when you will need thin rope or thick rope, so save any rope for potential future use.

    33. Rubbing Alcohol

    This disinfectant is for cleaning wounds, removing grit, or it can even be used as a deodorant.

    34. Salt

    Salt is imperative for seasoning any food, but it can also cure meat and season pickled veggies for long lastability.

    35. Seeds

    If you live on a homestead, you will want to save and cure your seeds each season. Take seeds from your strongest, healthiest plants and dry them for the next season.

    36. Soap

    You won’t miss soap until you don’t have it. Keeping body odor at bay will require soap, so stock up on your favorite.

    37. Socks

    Moist feet can lead to a variety of problems. Having clean, dry socks will prevent foot odor and help to keep your feet dry while out in any weather condition.

    38. Spices

    To make plain food more palatable, spices are necessary. They also last quite a long time in the pantry, too. Many popular spices will sell out very quickly as an emergency emerges.

    39. Sugar

    Sweeten your coffee, bake a treat, or provide energy with plain white sugar. You’ll never want to run out of this stuff.

    40. Sunscreen

    For long says traveling or working the farm, you will need sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun’s rays. 

    41. Toilet Paper

    We all know what happens if the country runs out of toilet paper, as shown by the shortage in 2020.

    42. Vitamins

    Since you may not have enough foods with high nutritional value, vitamins can provide any necessary nutrients you may be lacking.

    43. Water Purifiers

    These may attach to your sink or provide a dippable stick to instantly purify your water. Only drink water from purified sources during an emergency.

    44. Wine

    Just like beer, folks need a way to unwind from the stress of an emergency. Stock up on your favorite wine or learn to make it yourself.

    45. Word Puzzles

    The mind needs to stay sharp, and word puzzles do just that. Crosswords are very popular word puzzles that can be done by candlelight if SHTF.

    In Conclusion

    Even in times of impending doom, humans are resilient. By thinking ahead and spending a little extra money, you can stock up on dirt-cheap items that will soon be hard to find in supercenters and grocery stores.

    These cheap items may just save you one day in case the SHTF. Many of these items can also be bartering chips among your survivalist friends, so don’t skimp on these products!

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      17 thoughts on “45 Dirt-Cheap Items That Will Soon Be Hard To Find”

      1. For those who really love bungee cords-you can buy that stuff in spools. When your cords wear out, you can reuse the hooks if you have more bungee cord, or make your own hooks.

      2. not just beer and wine, but harder liquor (80 / 100 proof) will be in very high demand and has an indefinite shelf life as long as it is sealed properly so it doesn’t evaporate.

      3. The cigarettes and any type of hard liquor will not be allowed in our home. I am highly allergic to cigarettes and even though I have not had a drink in 48 years I still consider myself a recovering alcoholic. I will not have either in my home.

      4. Cigarettes and any alcohol, beer to hard liquor, are sheer poison. I would never touch them. My body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and I will not defile it and thus dishonor my precious Savior Jesus Christ, who died on a cruel dross for us.

        • So you don’t have anything to trade or barter when money is no value. What are you going to do when you have nothing to pay? Steal?

        • Tobacco has medicinal uses(read about the Covid folks who smoked who did NOT need ventilators) & distilled liquors preserve foods & abates herpes…

        • Do you really need to be told buying those items is optional? Because if you do you might want ti consider reading a book or two in your temple.

      5. My apologies—I sent a statement that should be amended. Jesus did not die on a dross. He fried on a cruel cross. Thank you for having patience with my clumsy typing fingers God bless you! 😊

      6. “Few year’s worth of ammo for hunting and defense is a major advantage. Try not to buy more ammo than you can carry if you need to move locationsl”
        Ummm, unless you are The Hulk, carrying enough ammunition to hunt and defend for any substantial amount of time isn’t going to be manageable unless you don’t have to carry anything else. Even .22 alone will start to add up once you get beyond 6 or 700 rounds. If you consider 9mm or .223, or 12 or 20 gauge, or even .410, it’s just more so.
        A month or so’s worth, ok, but better have a method of transportation for several years worth.
        Most of the other info isn’t bad, but this was a glaring boo boo.

      7. I very much agree with preparedness and doing our best to look out for our family’s future. So if I come up on a Anheuser-Busch truck and it’s off in the ditch and it’s free for the taking. They just want it cleaned up, Well I’m gonna load my truck and my trailer.. We gonna barter for what we don’t have And I promise we gonna eat tonight


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