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    20 Cheap Items That Are Going to Get Very Expensive

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    20 Cheap Items That Are Going to Get Very Expensive

    Stocking up for an emergency is the best way to prepare for our world once SHTF. Simply put, there are things that we take for granted today that could be the difference between life and death in an emergency. 

    After living through the pandemic, we all know what it feels like to be stuck at home with no access to things. Many of us struggled to find toilet paper, cleaning products, and hand sanitizer in recent years. 

    Let’s use that knowledge to help better prepare ourselves for life in the future. There are no guarantees that any of these items will be available, and stocking up on them now can help keep you and your family safe when the SHTF. 

    Consider picking up these items regularly to slowly create a backstock now before it is too late. Here are some cheap items that will get very expensive in an emergency.

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    1. Bandanas

    There is a reason why so many cowboys used bandanas while braving the elements. There are so many ways to use a bandana! Bandanas can be used as a head covering in windy weather, as a sweat towel around the neck in hot weather, or used as a sanitary napkin.

    They also can help shield your mouth from smoke or virus inhalation. Bandanas are very cheap today, with most costing about a dollar, and stocking up on them could be very useful.

    2. BandAids

    Ever had a paper cut that drove you nuts? Bandaids are a common household item today that will be worth their weight in gold in the future. The ability to cover up a cut or scrape not only helps provide comfort but it protects the body from infection and further damage. Stock up on them today and keep them in a dry place.

    3. Bleach

    The ability to disinfect items will be imperative in an emergency situation. Bleach is one of those cheap items that is very useful and could be a lifesaver (literally) when SHTF. It is also one of those items that we can’t substitute or make ourselves from other ingredients, making it even more important to have on hand.

    4. Clean Water

    Access to clean water is something that many Americans take for granted on a daily basis. You never realize your reliance on clean water until your house doesn’t have any. Stocking up on water for emergencies is important, as well as learning how to purify water sources around your home. 

    5. Hard Candies

    While not a primary food source, hard candies are more than just a sweet treat. In survival situations, the simple sugars can provide a quick energy boost. Moreover, they have the added advantage of long shelf life, resistance to various storage conditions, and the ability to soothe a dry or sore throat.

    6. Lighters

    You really can’t have too many fire starters in an emergency kit. Lighters are a cheap and easy way to produce a flame to start a fire. Stock up on multiple kinds of lighters that include matches and various handheld gas lighters. Buy them in bulk during the summer months when outdoor grilling is popular as well.

    7. Manual Can Openers

    In today's digital age, something as basic as a manual can opener can be overlooked. Still, when there's no electricity, and you've stocked up on canned goods, a manual can opener can be a life-saver. Simple, inexpensive, and easily stored, having a few in your emergency kit ensures you can access your preserved foods without a hassle.

    8. Needles

    Plenty of needles can help make life better in an emergency as well. Make sure to have different sizes and gauges of needles on hand to fix items or help stitch up cuts in a crisis.

    9. Pain Medication

    Pain and survival situations often go hand-in-hand. Having over-the-counter pain medications and painkillers in your stock is a good idea. You can purchase large bottles of pain medications at wholesale stores for a cheaper price per dose. Never underestimate the comfort that pain medication could bring when SHTF.

    10. Rope

    While you can make rope out of natural materials, it would be prudent to just stock up on these items now. You can use rope to help make your living space more comfortable. Rope is vitally important to help lead animals, create shelter, preserve food, and more. 

    11. Seeds

    Growing food will be vital to the sustainability of life in an emergency. This is exactly why there is a remote seed vault in the arctic that is guarded and secure from the public. Stock up on seeds now and collect seeds from your current garden to dry and use for the future.

    12. Soap

    Many times, the culprit in a survival situation are microscopic bacteria and viruses. Soap is a household staple that doesn’t go bad and is easy enough to stock up on today. Better yet, learn how to make your own soap using common ingredients so that you have this knowledge for the future.

    13. Socks

    While some would argue that a package of socks is a bit pricey today, they will be even more expensive when the SHTF. Keeping your feet warm and dry is a huge part of survival, especially if exposed or traveling in the elements.

    Investing in a few pairs of high-quality wool socks now to store in your emergency kit would be very beneficial in the future.

    14. Solar Chargers

    Our reliance on electronic devices doesn't vanish during emergencies. Whether it's a flashlight, radio, or a mobile phone, having the power to keep them running is crucial. Solar chargers are affordable now, harnessing the sun's power to keep our gadgets operational. Remember, when the grid goes down, the sun doesn't stop shining.

    15. String

    Smaller string is another cheap item today that will become important in an emergency. You can use string to help create a belt, replace a shoelace, or tie up more minor things that need to be contained. You can also use string as a makeshift blade for certain items.

    16. Tarps

    There are so many uses for a tarp in an emergency! Tarps can be used to shield yourself from the weather, including the sun, wind, rain, and snow. They also can catch water for drinking and could be fashioned into a sail if needed. Tarps are relatively cheap and come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. Invest in a handful of tarps each year to stock up.

    17. Thread

    Another easy-to-find item today that is cheap is thread. Storing a sewing kit with plenty of thread allows you to mend clothing and fabrics. You can usually find a box of thread at a garage sale for just a few dollars.

    18. Vitamins

    Diets will be quite limited if something catastrophic happens to our world. The ability to eat a wide variety of foods that we enjoy today will most likely diminish. Stocking up on vitamins now is a good way to ensure that your family still has the necessary nutrients for health. A multivitamin includes many different vitamins put together to help save on space and money as well.

    19. Whistles

    In situations where communication becomes a challenge, a whistle can be an essential tool. A loud blast can signal distress, grab attention or alert others to danger. Today, you can pick one up for pennies, but in a chaotic world, the ability to communicate non-verbally, especially over distances, could be invaluable.

    20. Zip Ties

    Commonly found in most homes today for simple bundling chores, zip ties can prove extremely versatile in emergencies. Whether it's for repairs, makeshift shelter building, or even first aid applications, these ties are strong, durable, and lightweight. The beauty is in their simplicity and adaptability to countless situations.

    While all of these items may seem pretty unimportant today, they will become vital supplies to have when the SHTF. All of these items are easy to source and purchase now, but they are all cheap items that are going to get very expensive someday.

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      6 thoughts on “20 Cheap Items That Are Going to Get Very Expensive”

      1. Great list!! What did you mean by this statement: makeshift blade for certain items? The only thing I could think of was cutting soft things. But that leads to the question: what is going to be that soft after SHTF?
        The only soft things I can think of to cut with string would be a cake/brownies or butter.

      2. Liquid bleach Can not be stored for a long time. It’s smarter to store POOL SHOCK granules. Look for
        100% hypochlorite kind. Adding water to it creates chlorine bleach. when ever you need it.

      3. I made a mistake in my last comment. Pool shock is not a safe water purification remedy. other methods should be used to purify water for drinking.

      4. With Our Grid being so bad – Solar Generator is a Must … Plus Pack up WARM Clothes Socks to use on feet and hands .. Long Johns, sweats, Hodies Beanies – To much is not enough if you have no heat you must stay warm – WATER is more than iimportant it is a Must .. We can only live 3 days without water


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