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    25 DIY Fire Pit Plans That Are Easy To Build

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    25 DIY Fire Pit Plans That Are Easy To Build

    With summer right around the corner, you may already be planning some home improvement projects. If you plan on entertaining family and friends or experimenting with some survival techniques, a fire pit is a brilliant addition to your backyard. Whether you’re cooking hot dogs or cozying up next to your kids, your fire pit will get tons of use.

    While you could simply buy a fire pit, it will cost you a pretty penny. Plus, where’s the fun in that?

    Lucky for you, you’ve got your best friend, “The Internet”, to help you out. Check out these easy DIY fire pits that you can make from scratch. (Each list item below is a link that takes you to the tutorial.)

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    1. The One Hour Fire Pit

    One Hour Fire Pit
    Image courtesy of The Shabby Creek Cottage

    This classic circular fire pit is ideal for any DIY beginner. It only requires a few simple materials and you can customize it to fit your backyard space. Best of all, it should only take about an hour to build.

    2. Modern Square Concrete Fire Pit

    Chic, modern, and expensive-looking! This simple design is great if you value gorgeous aesthetic, as well as practicality. The tutorial includes a YouTube video that walks you through each and every step. You can definitely do this!

    3. Countryside Fire Pit

    Looking for a rustic addition to your backyard décor? Not many fire pits are made of wood, but this one uses ceramic tiles on top to keep the wooden sides from burning. Not to mention, it has a handy built-in storage system!

    4. Upcycled Fire Pit

    Here’s a unique DIY fire pit idea that uses an old washing machine drum to create an upcycled pit that glitters in the dark. While this project does require some metal work, the instructions given are clear and detailed. This fire pit is sure to save you money and teach you a new skill in the process.

    5. Flower Pot Fire Pit

    Flower Pot Fire Pit
    Image courtesy of The Blue Eyed Dove

    If you happen to have an empty flower pot, this is a quick and cheap DIY project. The small size of the fire pit even makes it portable, not to mention cute.

    6. Stone Fire Pit

    Check out another fire pit that uses the classic circular design with only a few layers of concrete stones. Simple, right? This fuss-free project is perfect for when you’re rushing to add that extra element to any upcoming backyard party.

    7. Stacked Rocks Fire Pit

    The Stacked Rocks Fire Pit is an easy weekend project. The natural touches blend in with the backyard environment, creating a peaceful centerpiece. You can purchase flat rocks such as these from home improvement stores, or you can gather your own.

    8. Square Cinderblock Fire Pit

    It's recycling time! If you have any cinderblocks from a previous construction project lying around, then you’re already halfway there. In addition to the cinderblocks, go out and purchase some lava rocks and you’ll have a new fire pit in no time.

    9. Grounded Cement Fire Pit

    Grounded Cement Fire Pit
    Image courtesy of MikeKraus.blogspot.com

    Not a fan of building things? How about digging? Unlike most other fire pits, this pit lives in the ground! The benefit here is that this structure will remain a more permanent staple in your backyard.

    10. Cheap and Easy Fire Pit

    Ah, like music to our ears! The Cheap and Easy Fire Pit requires some digging, but not much! Its size and depth are customizable with the rocks that surround the edges. Use square bricks to frame the inside of the pit to add an extra layer of support.

    11. Concrete Fire Pit Bowl

    This concrete bowl fire pit feels more like a craft project than a building project. The unique design only requires casting the cement bowl. You can use it, then fill it with dry wood, timber, or glass fire rocks.

    12. Mini Fire Bowl

    Not working with tons of space but still like to entertain outdoors? Here’s the small solution for you. Using items from around the house, like a plastic container and Pam spray, you can make a table top fire pit bowl with Quikrete quick setting cement.

    13. Tree Ring Fire Pit

    Tree Ring Fire Pit

    This isn’t just a fire pit, it’s a work of art! Feast your eyes on this circular fire pit design that uses concrete tree rings as the border. The way the pieces fit together adds an interesting pattern that frames your fire like you’ve never seen before.

    14. Metal Square Fire Pit

    What would easily sell for $300 in the store can be yours with a couple hours of metal work. This fire pit has a sleek and simple design that adds a modern element to your backyard and is a long lasting pit. Get good enough, and you can consider selling them to your neighbors!

    15. Classic Easy Fire Pit

    This classic design uses three layers of concrete bricks. You can choose from a variety of colors at any home improvement store, but this project uses a sandy colored brick which looks very chic.

    16. Fire Glass Fire Bowl

    Fire glass is the perfect way to add a little flare to your fire. The glass-like rocks come in a variety of colors, but blue is often a favorite. Fill a Terra Cotta Planter Bowl with the fire glass and you’ve got a fire pit that will brighten any patio space.

    17. Simple Circular Fire Pit

    Simple Circular Fire Pit
    Image courtesy of Keeping It Simple Crafts

    This above ground circular fire pit is similar to many of the other classic designs, but it uses small square bricks on the bottom–ideal for soft ground or grassy areas. This pit can be made as big or small as you like.

    18. Retaining Wall Fire Pit

    This fire pit plan is similar to many of the other circular plans, but instead of cinderblocks or cement blocks, use retaining wall bricks to give your fire pit a rugged outdoor look.

    19. Paver Brick Fire Pit

    If you have leftover paver bricks from another project, this is a quick way to make a fire pit for your next get together or upcoming gathering. Bonus: You’ll also be getting rid get of your backyard junk at the same time.

    20. Terra Cotta S’mores Pots

    If you are in a pinch and need a fire quick, these Terra Cotta S’mores Pots are great. Putting them together is quick and you can make multiple pits for one party. Not to mention, clean-up will be easy.

    21. Garden Fire Pit With Bench

    Garden Fire Pit

    Are you willing to work for utter perfection? While this fire pit requires more space and planning than some of the other designs, the end product is a gorgeous, professional-looking space where friends can sit and enjoy the fire in style. The simple and chic half circle bench is also a great place to store your firewood.

    22. Square Table Concrete Fire Pit

    Ready for a fun weekend project? This square fire pit has a classic and smooth design that looks like it jumped out of a magazine. Build a wooden cast to hold the concrete for the square base and you’ll have an impressive finished fire pit that no one will believe you built.

    23. Swedish Torch

    Easy-peasy! Here is a temporary fire pit that’s also known as the “Swedish Torch”. All you need to do is make a few deep cuts into a piece of dried wood, fill with tinder, and light it up. The cuts in the wood help ventilate the flame and keep the fire burning.

    24. In-Ground Fire Pit

    Hey ambitious builders! Are you looking for a larger fire pit with a professional finish? The in-ground fire pit is surrounded by paver rocks that are great to sit or stand on or line your patio furniture around the perimeter.

    25. Free Rock Fire Pit

    Free Rock Fire Pit
    Image courtesy of Thrifty Little Mom

    If you’re on a budget, making this fire pit is free and easy. Simply search for unique rocks (the bigger the better) in your surrounding area and piece them together to make a circular fire pit. Done.

    Quick reminder! Plan ahead when you’re about to embark on a pit building DIY project. Make sure you’ve got a wide open area away from tall grass and low hanging trees. You’d be surprised how many people forget this potentially hazardous detail.

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