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    How To Make Toilet Paper

    How To Make Your Own Toilet Paper

    It’s possible to make toilet paper out of recycled paper or wood shavings, or both. However, it takes some time and patience. Here’s how to do it.

    DIY Fire Pit From Scrap Materials

    DIY Fire Pit From Scrap Materials

    In this video, Ollari’s explains how to customize the perfect firepit and grill from scrap materials. Here’s what you’ll need… #homesteadsurvivalsite #firepit #diyfirepit #firepitideas #backyard

    Easy Goat Milk Soap Recipe

    Easy Goat Milk Soap Recipe

    Over the past year, goat milk soap has become very popular because it’s great if you have dry or sensitive skin. Here’s how to make it. #homesteadsurvivalsite #goatmilksoap #goatsmilksoap #makesoap #soaprecipe

    65 Amazing Uses for PVC Pipes

    PVC is normally used for plumbing or drainage. But if you’re creative, you can find dozens of other uses for PVC pipe around the homestead. #homesteadsurvivalsite #pvc #pvcpipes #repurpose #upcycle