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    10 Things You NEED To Know About Living In The Country

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    10 Things You NEED To Know About Living In The Country

    For many people, moving to a home in the country would be a dream come true. If that sounds like you and you're curious about what it's like to live in the country, check out this video by Better Together Life.

    Here are some topics they discuss…

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    1) You Will Love Your Neighbors

    Neighbors in the country tend to be supportive and helpful – and they often end up becoming your new best friends.

    2) Living in the Country can be Lonely

    Moving to a place where other people are few and far between comes with its benefits. However, one drawback to doing so is the fact that living in the country can certainly be lonely at times.

    3) You Will Find Friends

    While living in the country can be lonely at times, it is completely possible to find amazing new friends.

    4) The Stars are Beautiful

    If you’ve never seen the night sky at a location that is far away from the city lights, you are certainly in for a real treat. Suffice it to say that the night sky in the country is a breathtaking sight.

    5) Internet is Expensive

    If internet access is a must-have for you and your family, be prepared to pay a steep price for it once you move to the country.

    6) You’ll Need to Fit in

    Life in the country will be a lot easier if you fit in with the people around you instead of standing out as “the city person”.

    7) It’s not as Hot in the Country

    Cement tends to absorb and reflect heat, making the city a hotter location than the country even when the region and climate are the same.

    8) Small Businesses Close Often

    Small businesses tend to come and go in the country at a frequent rate, and this is something that you should be prepared for.

    9) You’ll Miss a Lot of Your Favorite Stores

    When you live in the city, you have plenty of options as to where you will shop, eat out, and more. The same can’t be said when you move to the country.

    10) You Can Walk Outside in Your Underwear

    Living in the country has a lot of benefits – and being able to walk outside dressed however you like without worrying what your neighbors will think is certainly one of them.

    To learn more about the true realities of country life, be sure to check out the video below.

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    Want to Start a Homestead but Not Sure How?

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      3 thoughts on “10 Things You NEED To Know About Living In The Country”

      1. As far as neighbors go you also find you still have thieves, bad tempered people and people they can just about justify anything. You’re not leaving the world you’re just moving to a different part of it.

        You did not mention things I have found. I have learned how to build a deck, bust up oak for fire. Do many things I didn’y know before. You must keep an open mind to learning experiences. What seems to be a problem is actually a new experience to learn about. Keep an open mind, listen to other people talk, learn from their experiences. Happy new year

      2. I’m sorry you’re correct.
        I finally got a place to move to the country and enjoy wonderful country folk, the only kind I’d known in my 60years, only to end up with a disgruntled neighbor who apparently also wanted to purchase my new paradise. He furrowed my right of way access, which crossed his property. No lawyers ner County Sherrif not county court order, that’s right, by a County Judge, could MAKE him fill in the (at first 7) now 13 ditches across the 100 yd. stretch from his turn out to my property line. Now a 4×4 only access to my 12 ac. across his property to my place.
        Research your new potential environment, including, ok, especially the neighbor. Had the only other neighbors not also used this same access our will to stay my not have lived up to the spirit of the west. I’dv moved. My son was 13 n scared.


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