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    50 Amazing Ways to Use Wood Pallets

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    50 Amazing Ways to Use Wood Pallets

    A few months ago I shared a video about how to find free firewood. It wasn't about chopping down trees or finding piles of abandoned wood, but about searching your town for discarded wood pallets.

    As I said, you can find stacks of these behind grocery and department stores all over the place. Of course, you'll have to get permission from the stores before taking them. They probably won't want to give away all their pallets, as they usually reuse them. However, if you just need a few for a project, some places will let you take them.

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    Wood pallets are so incredibly useful, especially if you're into frugality and DIY projects. There are dozens of ways you can upcycle them. Far more than I ever realized.

    In this video by Foisy, you'll see pictures of 50 diy wood pallet projects. Here's a full list of them:

    1. Pool / Hot Tub
    2. Boat
    3. Bar
    4. Basketball Hoop
    5. Building
    6. Gun Rack
    7. Beer Pong Table
    8. Dog Bed
    9. Tree House
    10. Chicken Coop
    11. Bed
    12. Desk
    13. Hunting Blind
    14. Bridge
    15. Greenhouse
    16. Cooler
    17. Pond
    18. Cornhole
    19. Dog House
    20. Ramp
    21. Teepee
    22. Pet Bowl
    23. Kid's Playground
    24. Swing
    25. Shower
    26. Skateboard
    27. Furniture
    28. Walls
    29. Bee Hive
    30. Sink
    31. Stove
    32. Doll House
    33. Planter
    34. TV Mount
    35. Vanity
    36. Deck
    37. Fire Pit
    38. Archery Target
    39. Shelf
    40. Garbage Bin
    41. Light
    42. Sign
    43. Table Piece
    44. Aquarium Stand
    45. Storage
    46. Chest
    47. Table
    48. Garden Tools
    49. Decorations
    50. Walkway

    Watch the video below to see the completely projects. Also, if you click directly on the video title, it will take you to the video on Youtube where you can get links with more information on each project.

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    Want to Start a Homestead but Not Sure How?

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      3 thoughts on “50 Amazing Ways to Use Wood Pallets”

      1. Just be aware that some wood pallets are treated with chemicals to prevent bugs from nesting in the wood and to make them waterproof for certain applications. Handling these treated pallets without gloves or burning them could have serious side effects. Where I used to work, wood pallets were given away for free, that is until someone burned pallets that were green with preservative and became ill after burning the wood in a fireplace.

        • There are international codes for pallets.
          HT means heat treated and are safe. Assuming no poisonous chemicals have been spilled on it.

      2. I get 9-foot long pallets around here, and (being a natural innovator) keep intending to use them as self-supporting wall-panels to construct a shed (at least: As an Owner-Builder of 6 houses over the years) I toy with the idea of building a small basic home-unit of them. Cladding and lining, along with a basic iron/alumimnium roof would complete the job. Getting past the self-appointed ‘authorities’ might be a different matter. But I’ve done that before on several bush-blocks I’ve owned. Give it some thought. The homeless crisis is only going to get worse.


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