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    Oat & Honey Soap Recipe for Beginners

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    Oat & Honey Soap Recipe for Beginners

    Ever think about making your own soap? If you've never done it before, this is a great recipe to start with. It's a hot process soap that’s really good for the skin and really easy to make.

    The recipe comes from a video on the Youtube channel, Elly's Everyday. Below is a summary of the process…

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    1. Make the lye solution. For this, you’ll need the following ingredients:

    • 135 grams of sodium hydroxide
    • 250 grams of water

    This will make a 35% lye concentration. Mix them together in a plastic bowl. Make sure you wear gloves and you might want to wear protective eyewear. Lye is highly alkaline and can burn your skin and your eyes. You should also wear a face mask.

    Make The Lye Solution

    2. You’ll need a crockpot or slow cooker at this point. Start by adding 600 grams of olive oil to the crockpot. Then add 80 grams of castor oil. Next, add 100 grams of coconut oil and 100 grams of almond oil. Next, add 100 grams of cocoa butter. And finally, 20 grams of beeswax.

    Add Ingredients To Crockpot

    3. Turn your crockpot on high and mix the oils now and then to combine them. After about half an hour, they should be well blended. Continue to heat the oils until you have a uniform liquid.

    Turn Crockpot To High

    4. Carefully pour your lye solution into the hot oils in the crockpot. Stir it around, then use a handheld blender to combine the lye with the oils. As you continue to blend, you’ll see the mixture start to thicken. In soap making, that’s called coming to “trace.” It’s when the texture of the soap thickens. Once you have reached a trace, you’re ready for the next step.

    Mix In The Lye

    5. Cover the pot and let it cook. After about 15 to 20 minutes, check its consistency with a spatula. Leave the crockpot on low for an hour without touching it.

    Cover the Pot

    6. Lift the lid and stir the soap. Cover and cook another 15 minutes and check it again. Stir it, cover, and continue to heat on low and stir every 15 minutes.

    Continue To Stir

    7. When the soap has the texture of Vaseline, do a pH test with a pH test strip. It should measure between 8 and 9. The video shows you how to do this.

    Do The PH Test

    8. Add about a ½ cup of oat flour and stir it in.

    Add Oat Flour

    9. Combine a tablespoon of honey with a tablespoon of water and mix together in a cup. Pour the honey into the soap and mix it in.

    Add Honey To Soap

    10. Now add 20 grams of fragrance oil. I used honey and lemon fragrance. Mix that in.

    Add Fragrance Oil

    11. Spoon the soap into your soap mold and work it down and in with your spatula. Tap the mold a couple of times to work the soap down into the mold and then smooth the top.

    Spoon Into Soap Mold

    12. Use a fork to add some texture to the top. Use a spray bottle with water to keep it from sticking to the fork. Sprinkle some more oats on top.

    Add Some Texture

    13. Let the soap cool for 6 to 12 hours and then cut it into bars. Wrap the soap in wax paper. Let them dry for another 3 to 4 weeks to fully cure.

    Let Dry And Cut

    For more details and to see how it's done, be sure to watch the video below.

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      5 thoughts on “Oat & Honey Soap Recipe for Beginners”

      1. This seems like a great recipe. I just bought a bunch of the ingredients from Bulk Apothecary but didn’t realize I would need a face mask to handle lye. I’m feeling nervous about trying the recipe now. Also, if any gets on the counter, will it still burn the skin?

      2. Remember that old addage, “Do what ya otta, add your lye to your watter” The other way round can create a fountain of lye to fly up. Wear long sleeves too and be ready to take those sleeves off fast if they get splashed.

      3. Homemade soap is a popular choice for those looking for a natural, eco-friendly alternative to store-bought soaps that may contain harmful chemicals. Oatmeal and honey are two common ingredients used in homemade soap recipes due to their beneficial properties for the skin. Overall, this recipe seems like a great option for beginners who are interested in making their own soap at home using natural ingredients. However, it’s important to follow the recipe instructions carefully and take proper safety precautions when working with lye, a key ingredient in soap making.


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